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Whole Lotta Rosie

You have to ask – is there any hope?

I just appeared on the bridge at midnight – wait wait wait, there’s a verse there

twas on the bridge at midnight

His leg was all a quiver

he gave a cough, his leg fell off

and floated down the river


Anyway – I was on the bridge at midnight just letting the navigators know I was around when we got talking about stuff.  The two watchkeepers are of a younger generation than me you see.  We got chatting.  Now young Rosie, a youthful and energetic 18 year old from Australia seemed to think her generation were all ´fucked up´and of little hope.  We talked more about the politics of the current world, North Korea, Marine Le Pen, China and of course America (fuck yeah). I also expressed my admiration for a fella over in the states called Elon Musk, and that I hoped he would be our salvation an unlikely hero, not like John Connor!

Rosie immediately asked if Elon Musk was on YouTube as she didn´t know who he was.  Equally as quickly, she realised the irony of her two last statements and we chuckled about it.  Maybe there is hope yet?

I think there is – the other day, Rosie tipped me off about the young Aussie lass below – I was stunned !

Talent – she has it,  considerably more than my verse writing skills for sure.

So right now, about 5 hours out of Singapore which will most likely be my new home until late June.  I am a little excited I must admit. More on that soon.

I am also more than a little excited about my new squeeze.

Dem black girls, dey like my little ting ting

Firmly stuck in the 90’s I am very pleased to say.  Hit the dizzying heights of 90.8 kgs today after what felt like at best, a mediocre week of concentrating on my food intake.  Of course, I managed all of my interval training and have completed the first month of it now.  I was happily amused to see those figures when I stared down towards my feet, held my huge penis over to one side, and then I could see the digits on display.

I would at this stage like to thank AC/DC (both Brian and Bon), The Prodigy, Sister bliss and one particular track by Annie Lennox that had me bounding like a gazelle up hill on the homeward stretch – the song ‘keep young and beautiful’ had such apt lyrics and a perfect upbeat rhythm to get me up that hill.   Music can make a run much more fun.  The Prodigy or Distillers when you really want your heart pounding on the inside of your rib cage trying to get out.  AC/DC if you want to run with a smile on your face because of the lyrics or an old old classic by Faithless – Reverence (kiss me neck) – that song just blew my mind on the way back from the catamaran club the other week.  I couldn’t get my ear buds far enough in my ears for that one.

As a non believer in all this app nonsense, I am converted.  The interval training has made me a stronger runner in the space of a month, I can feel the difference. The hills here are very hard work but it is all paying off.  I have also been playing squash again, and as yet, I am unbeaten.  In fact, I am yet to loose a single game, let alone a match.  This is, as most squash players will know, in part due to my skill level but also having a fitness level above any of my opponents.  I even played a game last night were two of my opponents came on the court together to play against me.  I was 4-1 up when the lights went out.

Fit as a butchers dog !

The big black momma that works on the security gate here is a funny old bird.  I always have a smile and a few words for her when I pass in the car.  She has also taken to lifting the barrier for me when I am cycling too.  The other day, she was busy chatting with one of her friends when I approached. In line with european law (yawn) I have a bell, I gave it a little ring and she jumped to open the gate for me.  Her friend was highly amused saying in her best Caribbean accent – ‘he got a little ting ting’.  It was like having the Lilt ladies in real life.  They got all giggly on me after that – I wonder why ?

Things are looking up on the generator front too – but I am reluctant to speak too soon.

Holidays are nearly upon me – jetting off to Europe next week. My wonderful woman has also arranged an xbox games night for me when I am back in Brussels – that’s not a bad deal! I might even ask her to drop me off in the middle of the forest with my running shoes, a map and a compass and see if I can beat her home.  I also finally get my hands on that Range Rover that I have owned for over a month now.

I have to work tomorrow (Saturday) but a small price to pay for having the rest of the month off – will also give me time to get tidy again and get everything up to full speed before my relief cover arrives on Sunday afternoon.  If I am lucky, I will get my last dive on Sunday.  I may get a chance in St Lucia but I am not holding my breath (no pun intended).

If you are one of the chosen few who are joining me for a beer on the 16th – I will see you there.  If you are missing out, shame on you.

A few hello’s – Max, where are you ? Musher down there in Bristol (said that with a west country accent), Connor – for constantly amusing me with emails, sometimes even arousing me with them. Stevie B – you can have the Rangie when I get eaten by a shark.  I have been wondering lately what happened to Karen Thornham down under in Oz , Lexa in South Africa, Verity McCoy and of course the bird patiently waiting in Brussels

And a special mention to the Cooper sisters and Monica ca ca ca ca

AC/DC vs Adele

Some combinations are made for each other, like Cheddar Cheese and Branston Pickle or Apple Crumble and Custard or even Strawberries and Cream but AC/DC followed by Adele should never be heard on anyones playlist while out running, it is just wrong.

The AC/DC songs kind of make me chuckle, especially the ‘Problem Child’ track and I find the tempo good for plodding the trails and pathways but then Adele warbling on about chasing pavements just spoils the pace. Even trickier with sweat covered ear buds that keep popping out with every heavy pound.

It´s been a good week on board.  Shore power faults found, Straub clamps arrived for the main engine salt water intake and fingers crossed, my bad boy generator has now been on line for 8 hours.  I was reluctant to add that last bit as every time I write a note about it, it fails again.  My mark to beat is 10 hours, so by 20:30 this evening I can begin to get a little excited.  Better still, if it is still going in the morning, I may just leave it on all weekend to really prove it. Spares are en route from Rhode Island for the Nº 1 generator and pretty soon I could have this boat up to standard me thinks – then to really piss me off, we have to let the spanish take it apart again to work on it and that will mean another 6 months of putting things right.

My scales also told a very pretty story tonight – 92.5kg, that is my best yet.  Maybe this run for fat loss nonsense is actually working.

Weekend is here again which means scuba diving or surfing.  In fact tomorrow will start with a scuba at the slightly later time of 10:30, a couple of easy dives with some newbies and then a run in the evening.  If there are signs of swell, I will try to talk the deck boys into blasting around to Rendezvous beach to check out the surf.

I am of course officially now on count down – my flight leaves Antigua on 6th March and I don’t return until the 30th March.  Well honestly, I won’t return until December really as I have to meet the boat again in St Lucia.  If I am very lucky, I might get to dive there too – I am told that it is superb.


That’ll do for now.

Smacking my bitch up

Curious that recent post – it did encourage a lot of new site traffic and even a few new followers.  The only thing I can think of is that there is a lot of bitch smacking going on out there in the world.

For those in the know, I have been in Charleston, South Carolina now for a couple of weeks.  Of course, I have been wanting to write something snazzy but there is close to piss all here for inspiration. Certainly it is a pretty little place, and of course it is a University town.  Many of you, if not all of you will be reading that last statement without fully understanding what it meant – A University Town.  Essentially it means `Clunge Town’, let me translate.  The major population is late teens or early 20´s and all in insanely good shape, all young fillies.  They all favour the skin tight legging style lycra ish thing and better still, the type that goes slightly more transparent when it is stretched (i.e. bending over) so it is eye candy central…………….or is it?

Good to look at may be one thing but as I grow wiser with age I know that even though they are studying hard, there is bugger all between those ears and for me a good brain is as important as a good figure so it becomes one of those bewildering scenarios.

Sitting in Starbucks drinking my skinny latte (it too is an age thing) reading the BBC News on my iphone and looking at all of these scantily clad wenches walking by and honestly not having a great deal of interest at all, in fact more interest as to what is going on in Israel and Gaza.

So that sums up Charleston for you.  Worth a visit?  no , not really, beer like piss water and post offices that don’t open until 11:30am


Of course, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  My PTO pumps are now back on, noise and leak free – it took me a while to solve that one but I finally got it.  I also scored a good fix on one of my generators which was half stripped last week to replace the cylinder head gasket and also the wet exhaust manifold gaskets.  I also managed to get the new main engine silencers in to the engine room today but not without spending 3 hours stripping pipes, valves and half a stair case out to make enough room to lift the old ones out – only to find out that there still wasn’t enough room.  3 hours to put everything back together before removing the engine room door frame and some of the banisters to bring them out through the main part of the boat.  Still, tomorrow all i have to do is get them into place and connect them up

I promise soon to have something interesting to write about.  We are leaving for Antigua on 3rd December so fun things should start to happen


If you`re having problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 cookies coz a bitch ate one !





Good to read today that AC/DC finally allowed their music to be sold on iTunes







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