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Travelling time again!!

Not quite a road trip, but more an epic voyage.
By monday afternoon, we will be underway.  Leaving Mallorca in the distance and heading to Gibraltar to fill up with diesel.  After that, heading off to the Canaries but not stoping there, carrying on to Cape Verde where we will stop for a couple of days to refuel again and maybe have a surf or two.  My new board has been repaired – i promise to post some photos too.
After that, its a straight line to Antigua.  Lucky for me, i get christmas off this year and will be returning to blighty.
Early in the new year, we will be heading to the Galapagos islands, which of course, i am very very excited about. After that, god only knows! although it looks like the west coast of america for the middle of next year as we head to shore again for our Lloyds survey.ight now
So its all go.  Right now, we are in the water and have tried the boat today. All seems to be good , with a few minor issues but nothing to stop the 3 week trip.  It. will be good to get away from land again and into the perfect isolation of the yacht.  So please don’t expect to hear from me for the next three weeks, infact, expect to hear nothing.
But i will be in touch sometime soon.

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