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walkabout UK

I decided that while my car was in the garage today, i would go for a little walkabout in all the places i used to play when i was just a nipper.  Just for good measure, i took my real camera with me.
Things have changed a lot since i was a kid, and certainly many of the fields i used to run riot in have houses or industrial units on them now and it was good to see trees that were just saplings when i was tiny, now fully grown and spreading wildly.
One thing i always notice about england – it is hugely colourful
After covering around 5 miles, i had a few worthy photos, let me know what you think


This one is for mush – thanks for the prompt to finish up my last blog entry.
I finally found a car to buy after over a year without one. A rather sporty Mondeo diesel estate.  Only problem is, it was not all it appeared to be or was reported to be on ebay.  Seems that england is now full of dishonest foreigners so beware.
Anyway, i have started the preparations in full for the next road trip but am amazed at how much it costs to prepare a surf bus for a trip
First, there’s the car.  Important to have a diesel estate with roof bars.  Bonus points for left hand drive, air con, cruise control and an automatic box.  Add insurance with full european breakdown (the sensible option).
then you need, warning triangles (2 for spain) flourescent jackets (1 for each occupant), spare bulb kit, first aid kit, beam benders, GB sticker, roof bars, foam for roof bars, straps to hold down your boards.
As a treat (well an essential treat) the parrot blue tooth system with phone and iPod capabilities, additional driver on the insurance to help with the trip. 
So now we are ready to roll.  I did road test the car with a surf board on it just to make sure i would get no nasty surprises and all is good.  The date is set, Sunday 4th July (that’ll be colins birthday and american independence day – fuck yeah!).
I am trying to talk colin and dean into doing a basic scuba diving course with me when we get home – i know they will enjoy it and will be talking to Divers Cape a little later today to find out the details.  Will be a good fill in between the surf missions.  Surfing will be fun too – i havent done anything in ages, except my little effort in Antigua a few months ago but all i achieved from that was a munted board. I am fully intending to get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible and surf the summer away.
I even managed to find a retro kind of style pair of shorts in TK Maxx – i was amazed.  I did check Hawaii for another pair of Jams, but they just dont do them any more – I like retro!  Seems the chicks can still get them but not the dudes
I even managed to find my favourite Hawaiian Tropics tanning oil in Boots – far out man!
It soon mounted up and all in all i would think that i have knocked a big hole in 6 grand !!
For the rest of this week, i intend to do not a lot.  At the weekend i have to head for southampton and am looking forward to my week long training session at warsash maritime academy, then after that, back to Drugby for a week before the road trip begins.
I have been surprised at the amount of people i have managed to bump into while back in blighty – in no particular order !!!
Vanda Cowley – went to see her at work
Chris Hinett – spotted at traffic lights from the footpath
Darren King – with chris above
Katherine Toll – surprised me by calling out my name as i passed her in the street – havent seen her for at least 28 years
Jason & Lisa Oliver – passed them in the street and double parked to say hello
Pecker – AKA Anthony Woodward/Makepeace, havent seen him for at least 10 years
Ralph – goes without saying
Mandy Vennard – that red haired Vixen !!
Rupert Yates – loved up but still bitches like a queen
Deano – should really get married to Rupert
Angela Horley – without a doubt the sexiest 4th year i never asked out !
But of course the best is yet to come.  Georgia’s 16th Birthday party where the whole gang will be together.
Lastly, i bought a lottery ticket last week – and won a tenner !!  anybody like to have dinner with a lottery winner ?????

Keep this up

and i will need a holiday from my holiday!!
It has been a little bit manic over the last few days.  Planes, trains, automobiles, insurance, relatives, friends, and even Johnny Wilkinson.  Yup, he was on my plane out of Marseille on Saturday morning.  I was toying with the idea of getting the whole plane to join me in a chorus of ‘Oh Johnny Johnny – Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Wilkinson’ but instead i sat and chatted with Jo.  Havent seen her in a few years so you can imagine my surprise when i saw her in the queue for the squeezyjet plane.
So we chatted all the way back to a rainy and chilly gatwick.
But let me backtrack a little.  I arrived at Marseille MP2 terminal – this is the ‘budget’ end of the main terminal.  I got dropped off with my bags (well, 4 bags and a surf board) and reached over for a trolley.  Needed some coins to release it and i didnt have any change.  Dilema!  do i leave all of my gear on the pavement while i go and get change for the trolley?  No, i dont think do.  So i managed to carry/kick all of them into the terminal and joined the check in queue.  Got to the front of the queue only to discover all they would do at this point was weigh my gear and stick labels on it.  I then had to carry it to the conveyor belt where it would inevitably be sent to the plane.  I was beginning to wonder if i would have to load my own bags onto the plane too.  I often wonder how much the airlines save by doing this.  I have flown from Marseille main terminal before for about the same money (extra luggage accounted for) so where does the advantage come from? 
Now, the only thing that pisses me off with squeezyjet is that scrum to get on the plane – surely it wouln’t cost much more to have allocated seating ?  On this trip, i finally realised why they do it.  As i was standing in my Nº 8 position at the back of the mass huddle, I noticed wilko shouting to the scrum half for the ball.  Sadly the ball never popped out and Wilko had to board the plane behind everyone else.
I have to say, he came across as a person that doesn’t use his fame for his own gain – i like that !!
So i would ask you all to join me in a salute.  You know he’s worth it, we all remember where we were when that last few seconds drop goal was punted over the bar against the ozzies all those years ago.  I am told, there is still a dent in the ceiling at Tricky Dickies where my head connected as that ball went over ! So, gather all of the people in your house right now, infront of the screen.  have a video camera or web cam at the ready to record the events, then add them to youtube and post the link here on my blog or on my fb page but to it
3 – 2 – 1 – go
‘Oh Johnny Johnny – Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Wilkinson’
There – now we are all feeling better.  I wonder how many wilko salutes i will have on my profile.
Right, just about up to date i think.  be sure to drop by soon and see what else is happening.  the summer updates will be comeing thick and fast

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