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Technology has failed me!

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

Last week I headed deeper into the Alps for a mountain bike blast.  It was a short little blast that was completely overshadowed by the drive out there.  I headed in land from Antibes and up towards a town called ‘Grasse’.  North West out of Grasse on ‘Route Napoleon’ and was pretty much gobsmacked at just how stunning the area was.  Initially the climb out of Grasse was rugged mountains, hills and rocks but eventually they gave way to Autumn vegetation but not before I got to race the Rangie against a pack of Motorcycle Tourists – they gave up before they caught me.

The colours were stunning. Evergreens proud and dark mixed in with trees that were well on their way to giving up their leaves for the winter.  Reds, Browns, pale yellows, greens and even pinks all around.  Some parts of the road were carpeted with fallen yellow leaves – it was stunningly beautiful.

Finally I reached my destination just outside of Digne and popped into the Golden Arches for a quick burger and coffee.

The drive back south was even more stunning.  No racing for me this time, I wanted to catch the scenery on the car cam so that I could share the beauty with you all.  Imagine something so stunning that it was even more awesome on the second trip?  That was Route Napoleon, 3000ft above sea level, clear blue skies and autumn colours all around.  I even managed to drive along side an Alpine train as it weaved its way through the villages.

So stunning was this drive that I have promised to use this route rather than the ‘peage’ if I am ever leaving the South of France in the Autumn – I may even sell tickets to other suitable road trippers.

Back at the boat and I grabbed the dash cam to download the film but there was nothing on it – my wicked dash cam had not recorded a sniff of the beauty up there.


A couple of days ago, I took my Go Pro and chesty with me on one of my mountain bike routes – there is a very good downhill section where I can overtake cars and hopefully crack the 40mph mark.  This is a classic Go Pro activity spot.  From almost 1000ft,  high on the hills above Cannes all the way back down to sea level in less than 3 miles.  Maybe it is ironic but the starting point of the downhill section is at the entrance to a hospital. Dont let that bother you though.

I switched the camera on and had turned maybe 3 pedals before I heard the dead battery bleeps – flat as a Nun’s fart !!!  I had a cracking ride down the hill too – it would have been perfect for the film library opposite.

So yesterday, I charged the Go Pro to its max and set my alarm for 06:30 this morning – another run at the hill early doors.

Bloody raining this morning though – just to really spoil my fun.  Now call me what you will but wet roads on tree lined avenues and knobbly mountain bike tyres are not one of the combinations that spring to mind when I am on a mission for a new top speed record. I managed 35mph, that was the extent of my bravery with my current tyre/road surface combination but importantly I live to fight another day.

Check back with me on another day

Weather woes

So here I sit, alone, on a 14 million euro super yacht in Cannes at a time when England play the mighty Australia to stay in the world cup competition.  Should be an exciting time right?

Not so

Currently there is a huge thunder-storm sitting directly over the boat, lashing it with hailstones and 40 knot winds.  That alone is not so bad.  I mean, a huge electrical storm directly overhead and I am sitting inside a carbon fibre boat, now soaking wet with a mast nearly 50 metres closer to the storm than everything else around me.  You shouldn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that carbon is one of the most electrically conductive materials known to man.  Risky business this yachting lark.

But please spare a thought.  My TV connection is via satellite, not through a fibre cable under the road.  Storm clouds block satellite transmissions perfectly.  Electrical storms interfere with the signal, then block it, just to be doubly sure you can’t watch it.

No problem, Radio 5 live – I streamed the Welsh game on my phone on the drive down.

My french IP address gives me away – cannot stream the game on 5 live – of course they never told me that, I was listening to the build up right up to kick off when they cut the program.  So now I am reduced to the text only stream on the BBC website and now England are 3-10 down !!!

And the storm just knocked out my shore power too – still, I can use the heat from the generator to dry out my pumps that got wet in the storm 2 days ago.

I think I will stay inside until tomorrow and fix the shore power then.


Yachting is such fun

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