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still fixing it

that bloody longboard, its so big, i keep running out of resin.  had an expensive week so far, 40 euros on my 8´6“ and so far 48 on the 10`2“, expensive game this surfing lark

bubble lounge scores again

Rammed packed for the third and final show of the `jack johnson tribute band´the place was heaving.  good time had by all, good to see the place rammed, it is such a cool place to just chill out but that cant always be good for profits.

Dont seem to get the tourists here either, they can have the dromedario for all i care.

did some more work on the long board today, got the splints in, can start matting it this week, maybe by next weekend it will be ready to sail again.  I have missed it!

Justin finished the 8´6´´ too, cost me 40euros though.  I still have rob´s 9´1´´ but i struggled with that this week.

wierd how things work out

the last of my visitors left today.  in contrast, the wind dropped and the surf picked up. a nice wave to be had at mareta this evening but i had to go to school…..


will get up early tomorrow and see whats about, failing that, a lunchtime session at zavial may be on the cards

another week in paradise

I see the clifton has not only read this page but also left a comment!

i have a few phrases that you will NEVER hear people say in portugal.


what is the speed limit on this road

we better hurry, the customer wants it back today

dont be late for work

i am in a hurry

i wish this rain would stop

apart from that, another week has passed. all is good.  Christine left on tuesday, she was pretty much on my wavelength and so easy to get on with.  Maybe she will come back again soon.

Sam and Lindsey are here until tuesday, i guess that will be when i next add to this page.  Sam has been busy with the camera so expect a ton of photos on this page soon, beaches, sun, me and a borrowed board.

Rob the soap lent me a 9´1´´ until i have fixed my own boards.  A beautiful tripple stringer but this one has also been snapped in half at some point.  retro paint job on the underside to match my retro shorts – cant wait to surf this baby.

wind and lack of wave has meant that i havent been out for a couple of weeks now but the break can only give me hunger.

more updates soon, dont stay away for too long

bloody women

there are three of them in my apartment now.  normally i only have three bottles on the side of my bath, there are currently 27…… can you possibly need so much crap in your life?

christine leaves on saturday – i will miss her. she is pretty much on my wavelength, we can just sit and do nothing, it is perfect bliss.

wind and surf have been crap but that is a good thing as i still havent managed to fix either of my boards yet.




random comment but it will mean something to one or two people.


keep warm

summer is here

the end to another perfect week in the algarve.  spent the day today on mareta beach – i will get some photos of all of my local beaches soon, i promise.

weather was gorgeous, hot but not too hot.  sea was cold and the coffee was good.

Zeni left today, 5 weeks in greece, lucky girl.  she is so perfect in almost every way.  She assures me she will be back, i hope so, i know i will miss her cheeky grin and sparkly blue eyes.

The german girl from the surf school already has a boyfriend so that was out of the window.

the MILF in raposeira has the hots for me, and i have to say that she is something of a honey too.  Sarah (my bosses wife) keeps trying to fix me up.

the bike is still cool, leaking oil from the front forks but still chugs along at a fair old rate.  I had a call about the love bus but i think the guy was wasting my time.  we went for a drive none the less.  i think he was a little pissed.  at one point i had to grab the wheel to miss a couple of parked cars……….i saw him today at the beach too. strange bloke.

I thought about selling my bike but when i went for a ride today in my t shirt and flip flops – i decided against it.

loads of work on at the moment, and big sis is flying in on tuesday with lindsey.  Deans sister is still here.  She is not your typical emmett, infact quite the opposite.  fits in quite well with the pace of life here so i am happy with that.  the apartment will get a little crowded from tuesday – i have to share the place with christine, sam and lindsey.  can you imagine the fights for the bathroom……i reckon i will be getting up extra early this week and probably be glad to stay there all day too.

Henry is still good, she likes the prices of diesel over here, come to think of it , so do i. might add some photos soon.

Tonight, we are off to the dromedario for the sunday movie, will meet up with james, christina, isabel and maybe a few others.  the town is curiously empty this week so should be quite cosy.

have to start repairs of the long board this week too, i cant be without a board for much longer, i think i might go insane.


well enough for now, catch my next update later in the week, maybe tuesday evening after my portuguese lessons.

Road Trip

4 countries, 1 continent, 1711 miles, three tanks of diesel, 31 hours, 10 cafe duplo´s, 3 speed cameras, 2 drivers, two family bags of minstrels, two packets of jammie dodgers and no stereo.

what a drive that was.  left england on the 10th may @ 13.00, arrived in sagres, portugal , wednesday 11th may at 20.15.

Drove half way across england, almost the full length of france, the full length of spain and the whole width of portugal to get  home, and when i get here, it is lashing down!

drove the legth of france and only saw three cameras, although i only really saw two, the third one saw me first.  in the interest of road safety, they stick cameras up that flash in your face so that you cant see bugger all, imagine that as a good thing when you are driving.

France was as beautiful as ever, driving around le mans is gorgeous.

crossing the pyrenees and most of spain has some great scenery and mountain roads – i always thought spain was quite flat.  Last time i drove the pyrenees it was in the dark so i missed most of it.

when you finally hit portugal – you are just happy to know that you are almost home.

today i went to work and this evening i went to Zavial for a surf at 7.30.  have to say, a very porr performance, i am missing badly the longboard that i snapped last week.  then, to add insult to injury, i left my 8´6´´ on the stairs to my apartment and the wind blew it over so now i dont have any surf boards at all.  Big rush this weekend to get them both fixed,

the new car went like a dream ( from this point forward she will be called Henry) over 600 miles to a tank of fuel, we didnt stop for gas until we were in the south of france – a trip all of its own.  One slight snag last night, she blew a headlamp bulb!!!!!!!!

tomorrow its back to work and hit the beaches at the weekend – no surf board.  James offered me his 9´6´´ but i declined – i figured wrecking two boards in a week was enough.

still raining

i had forgotten just how much it rains here……..leaving tomorrow, back to the sun and the surf – i am feeling happy about that.  a visit to the dentist in the morning then head to dover to catch the sea cat.


a weekend on the beach beckons!

back in the uk

just got home after a night on the town, have to say, england never changes too much………expensive, cold and full of drunk people.  it is always good to catch up with old friends though.


heading back to portugal on tuesday and hopefully will make it home before thursday evening.  i need some more sun – quickly

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