Road Trip

4 countries, 1 continent, 1711 miles, three tanks of diesel, 31 hours, 10 cafe duplo´s, 3 speed cameras, 2 drivers, two family bags of minstrels, two packets of jammie dodgers and no stereo.

what a drive that was.  left england on the 10th may @ 13.00, arrived in sagres, portugal , wednesday 11th may at 20.15.

Drove half way across england, almost the full length of france, the full length of spain and the whole width of portugal to get  home, and when i get here, it is lashing down!

drove the legth of france and only saw three cameras, although i only really saw two, the third one saw me first.  in the interest of road safety, they stick cameras up that flash in your face so that you cant see bugger all, imagine that as a good thing when you are driving.

France was as beautiful as ever, driving around le mans is gorgeous.

crossing the pyrenees and most of spain has some great scenery and mountain roads – i always thought spain was quite flat.  Last time i drove the pyrenees it was in the dark so i missed most of it.

when you finally hit portugal – you are just happy to know that you are almost home.

today i went to work and this evening i went to Zavial for a surf at 7.30.  have to say, a very porr performance, i am missing badly the longboard that i snapped last week.  then, to add insult to injury, i left my 8´6´´ on the stairs to my apartment and the wind blew it over so now i dont have any surf boards at all.  Big rush this weekend to get them both fixed,

the new car went like a dream ( from this point forward she will be called Henry) over 600 miles to a tank of fuel, we didnt stop for gas until we were in the south of france – a trip all of its own.  One slight snag last night, she blew a headlamp bulb!!!!!!!!

tomorrow its back to work and hit the beaches at the weekend – no surf board.  James offered me his 9´6´´ but i declined – i figured wrecking two boards in a week was enough.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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