summer is here

the end to another perfect week in the algarve.  spent the day today on mareta beach – i will get some photos of all of my local beaches soon, i promise.

weather was gorgeous, hot but not too hot.  sea was cold and the coffee was good.

Zeni left today, 5 weeks in greece, lucky girl.  she is so perfect in almost every way.  She assures me she will be back, i hope so, i know i will miss her cheeky grin and sparkly blue eyes.

The german girl from the surf school already has a boyfriend so that was out of the window.

the MILF in raposeira has the hots for me, and i have to say that she is something of a honey too.  Sarah (my bosses wife) keeps trying to fix me up.

the bike is still cool, leaking oil from the front forks but still chugs along at a fair old rate.  I had a call about the love bus but i think the guy was wasting my time.  we went for a drive none the less.  i think he was a little pissed.  at one point i had to grab the wheel to miss a couple of parked cars……….i saw him today at the beach too. strange bloke.

I thought about selling my bike but when i went for a ride today in my t shirt and flip flops – i decided against it.

loads of work on at the moment, and big sis is flying in on tuesday with lindsey.  Deans sister is still here.  She is not your typical emmett, infact quite the opposite.  fits in quite well with the pace of life here so i am happy with that.  the apartment will get a little crowded from tuesday – i have to share the place with christine, sam and lindsey.  can you imagine the fights for the bathroom……i reckon i will be getting up extra early this week and probably be glad to stay there all day too.

Henry is still good, she likes the prices of diesel over here, come to think of it , so do i. might add some photos soon.

Tonight, we are off to the dromedario for the sunday movie, will meet up with james, christina, isabel and maybe a few others.  the town is curiously empty this week so should be quite cosy.

have to start repairs of the long board this week too, i cant be without a board for much longer, i think i might go insane.


well enough for now, catch my next update later in the week, maybe tuesday evening after my portuguese lessons.

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