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I know, and you should too that I have watched this before.  I am now lucky enough to be watching the second series.  Yes I know, fashionably late.

Sometimes programmes are so good that they kick my brain into gear with thought.  Tonights thought, while watching the episode ‘In Utero’ I found myself wondering would I still enjoy TV programmes so much when I am old?  All this to the backdrop of Pearl Jams’ ‘Nothing Man’.

I wrote about Californication once before.  One of my ship mates had told me it was a programme about a sex addict.  At the time I seem to remember writing that he had clearly missed the point of the programme and that he should be watching it again so that he does in fact get the point.  Understanding the lyrics to the song they used as backing for the closing scenes may just help him to see the error of his ways and of course the wise words of a younger Hank Moody read over the top – but I doubt it – Thick as pig shit that one !!

I am often in awe of music and how it is applied to TV.  Do you remember that supreme programme ‘6 feet under’? Remember how it finished with that ‘Sia’ track ‘Breathe Me’?  Sometimes I wonder if things are written specifically around a song – the fit can be too good.

I like it when I get inspired, writing is easier and it feels like I have a purpose behind it.  It’s good for the brain too – searching for those descriptive words. It’s better to use words that describe the thought well, than it is to use a word that describes the thought perfectly but has the reader reaching for a dictionary.  Thats my style anyway – keep it clean and keep it simple.

So, let me finish off with a question……….who is the pervert that landed on my site after entering the following immortal words into a search engine

‘Photos of Scandinavian Hotties’

Time to head back to the next episode, I can’t bear to listen to the screams of adolescent joy coming from the other cabin.  I would tell them to get a room, but they already have.

Emails coming your way Verity, Steve, Lana and the unknown from Pennsylvania ( I hope I spelt that right).  I find it hard to believe that such a monsterously good site has so few subscriptions




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