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bigger than blighty

Its good to relax and catch up with work at the same time.
For the first time in 16 months, since i joined the boat, we are standing still for a few weeks.  Boring i know, but it gives me a great opportunity to catch up with the jobs that have been shelved because i never knew when we would move next.
So some interesting stuff to sort out, lots of PLC related issues and two generators with curious governor faults.  My plan is an epic one as always – finish them all before the skipper gets back, and also complete my dive master to boot – all will be happy and then we can sail off into the sunset once more.
Next stop is Belize, hopefully late in february.  The galapagos was shelved unfortunately, in favour of Belize and a tour up the east coast of the states, stopping for a month in Cincinatti to do some work for our Lloyds 5 year survey.  That will mean yet another frantic time for me but then i guess that is what i get paid to do.
I have always wanted to try the states, i wonder if they are as mental as the media makes them out to be, i guess there is only one way to find out !
After that, i have no idea – Canada could be on the cards but the boss found Scandinavia too cold last summer so i doubt that will happen.  Likely to hang around the states all summer and then return to the Caribbean again next winter.
I guess thats it for now, i still have some reading to do before tomorrow’s work efforts and some photos to send to the boat builders, so i better get back on it.

but not quite !!!

Snow Chaos!
It’s good to be home.  i had a very fruitful meeting yesterday with the engineer.  we made a few adjustments to the plans for the house and he is ready to re-draw and present the plans to the Cámera for approval.  Even he admits that it will be a very beautiful house – i am looking forward to this.  I was a little worried that my lanuage skills would have faded considerably but yet again, i amazed myself at how well we could communicate.  So thngs are rolling along perfectly.
Sagres it wet and a little windy.  Of course, the place is deserted and most places are beginning their winter shut down.  I met with all of the gang and took them out to dinner last night at the Hotel Baleeira, one of the new resorts that threaten to spoil the area.  I am glad to say that this place was very tastefully done, unlike the monstrosity across tha bay at Martinhal.
I even had time to go and see Russ the cock at his new workshop.
Today is proving a little more difficult though.  I am currently wasting my day in the Dromedario with Frannie while waiting for flight information from Gatwick.  The place is snow bound and closed and this will ultimately prevent my easyjet flight from reaching me and then, again i will miss my flight back to the caribbean.  There is nothing that can be done about this and i certainly wont be stressing about it.
And lets not forget, i am in portugal, so i can leave my laptop, phone, wallet and bag at the bar completely unattended and it will be there when i come back.
So, i will sit and wait it out.

They think its all over

It almost is!
It’s been fun being back in blighty for the last two weeks – infact, it is the second longest time i have spent here since leaving the UK 5 years ago – second only to a month at Warsash in 2008 but that was study so i think it doesn’t really counts.
As always, england stirs many emotions for me – its ability to cost so much, yet suddenly smack me with something so cheap.  It continually amuses me with the politically correct brigade still calling the shots, the size of spirits you get served in pubs makes me wet my pants (and the price you pay for them)and the chavvyness of the local town centre – amazing!
So the two week trip has cost me around 1500€, the return train fare from gatwick airport to Rugby just 31 english pounds.  I see some muslims are protesting against the british army when they return to england, be it dead or alive.  The average brit is too afraid to speak out against them for fear of being branded a racist by the PC brigade.  Common sense left the country decades ago – probably for a cheaper and more full Gin and tonic somewhere else in europe that doesnt have the pc brigade bleeting on about binge drinking.
The snow comes and causes chaos – suddenly people loose all abilities to think for themselves.
So, i will leave you once more for a brief trip to a slightly warmer portugal before returning to the caribbean once more to what will undoubtedly be 40º temperatures and lush warm blue waters.
It was wicked to touch base with so many friends and family.  Finally , Junior and Jack tied the knot on new years eve. Christine was there with Pilly who got absolutely munted, the forever lush Lisa Melvin was also in fine fettle, Amy Horne – just gorgeous.  Special thanks to sex pest for letting me have his spare room for the duration and TJS hire for letting me have a car for sensible money.
But for now, i have to depart once more for warmer climes – chasing the sun around the world for another year.  Tomorrow night, i will be talking with the engineer and re-designing the house plans before submitting them into the ether that is portuguese bureaucracy ( i think i got that one right )
Its been a blast

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