but not quite !!!

Snow Chaos!
It’s good to be home.  i had a very fruitful meeting yesterday with the engineer.  we made a few adjustments to the plans for the house and he is ready to re-draw and present the plans to the Cámera for approval.  Even he admits that it will be a very beautiful house – i am looking forward to this.  I was a little worried that my lanuage skills would have faded considerably but yet again, i amazed myself at how well we could communicate.  So thngs are rolling along perfectly.
Sagres it wet and a little windy.  Of course, the place is deserted and most places are beginning their winter shut down.  I met with all of the gang and took them out to dinner last night at the Hotel Baleeira, one of the new resorts that threaten to spoil the area.  I am glad to say that this place was very tastefully done, unlike the monstrosity across tha bay at Martinhal.
I even had time to go and see Russ the cock at his new workshop.
Today is proving a little more difficult though.  I am currently wasting my day in the Dromedario with Frannie while waiting for flight information from Gatwick.  The place is snow bound and closed and this will ultimately prevent my easyjet flight from reaching me and then, again i will miss my flight back to the caribbean.  There is nothing that can be done about this and i certainly wont be stressing about it.
And lets not forget, i am in portugal, so i can leave my laptop, phone, wallet and bag at the bar completely unattended and it will be there when i come back.
So, i will sit and wait it out.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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