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And Finally – Some excitement !

Almost time to move on, Monday afternoon next week and we push off for Antigua.  I am looking forward to it – and people that know me would be surprised to hear that.

America has been fun (at times) but it is monotonous to say the least.  All the streets are the same, all regularly laid out, dead flat everywhere, shit beer all over (unless you are lucky enough to find a bar with imported beer), all vehicles are covered with flashing lights – even the post office trucks – seems you can never have enough flashing lights on anything here. So time to move on.

Last weekend I managed to twist my back lifting some clumsy exhaust boxes out of their place.  By this week I was recovered but on Monday I slipped while in one of the bilges and hurt my foot.  Now, I say hurt – and I mean hurt, in fact man hurt.  It started with a black little toe but by the end of today, I now have 5 black toes, black all the way across the top of my foot.  So I have been hobbling this week.

This morning though, I had a speed hobble.  I was woken by the Chef shouting ‘Fire’ at about 06:30 this morning.  At first, I just thought ‘what’s she up to now?’ because she can be a bit of a ditz sometimes but this one turned out to be for real.  A fan heater left in the wheelhouse overnight to help dry the varnish had actually set fire and was burning merrily all on its own.  I have heard stories about this but never believed it.  The cabin area was full of smoke and of course, I was first on the scene.  We managed to get the doors open and lift the burning unit outside so that we didn’t have to clean up after a fire extinguisher, they can be very messy indeed.

One of the most exciting alarm calls I have had for a long long time.

As you might expect, with all of my injuries I have managed next to bugger all exercise recently but also glad to say that I have stayed around 94kgs. Going to have a walk tomorrow morning and Friday is weigh in day so see how this week has panned out.

I haven’t got anything more interesting to tell you about in all fairness.  Tomorrow afternoon I am going shopping for supplies before we get to the third world Caribbean, Friday I will be working flat out so that I can have the weekend off and all to myself.

If inspiration comes my way – I will be back





Smacking my bitch up

Curious that recent post – it did encourage a lot of new site traffic and even a few new followers.  The only thing I can think of is that there is a lot of bitch smacking going on out there in the world.

For those in the know, I have been in Charleston, South Carolina now for a couple of weeks.  Of course, I have been wanting to write something snazzy but there is close to piss all here for inspiration. Certainly it is a pretty little place, and of course it is a University town.  Many of you, if not all of you will be reading that last statement without fully understanding what it meant – A University Town.  Essentially it means `Clunge Town’, let me translate.  The major population is late teens or early 20´s and all in insanely good shape, all young fillies.  They all favour the skin tight legging style lycra ish thing and better still, the type that goes slightly more transparent when it is stretched (i.e. bending over) so it is eye candy central…………….or is it?

Good to look at may be one thing but as I grow wiser with age I know that even though they are studying hard, there is bugger all between those ears and for me a good brain is as important as a good figure so it becomes one of those bewildering scenarios.

Sitting in Starbucks drinking my skinny latte (it too is an age thing) reading the BBC News on my iphone and looking at all of these scantily clad wenches walking by and honestly not having a great deal of interest at all, in fact more interest as to what is going on in Israel and Gaza.

So that sums up Charleston for you.  Worth a visit?  no , not really, beer like piss water and post offices that don’t open until 11:30am


Of course, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  My PTO pumps are now back on, noise and leak free – it took me a while to solve that one but I finally got it.  I also scored a good fix on one of my generators which was half stripped last week to replace the cylinder head gasket and also the wet exhaust manifold gaskets.  I also managed to get the new main engine silencers in to the engine room today but not without spending 3 hours stripping pipes, valves and half a stair case out to make enough room to lift the old ones out – only to find out that there still wasn’t enough room.  3 hours to put everything back together before removing the engine room door frame and some of the banisters to bring them out through the main part of the boat.  Still, tomorrow all i have to do is get them into place and connect them up

I promise soon to have something interesting to write about.  We are leaving for Antigua on 3rd December so fun things should start to happen


If you`re having problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 cookies coz a bitch ate one !





Good to read today that AC/DC finally allowed their music to be sold on iTunes







Pause for thought

Just for a moment – at 11am local time tomorrow and reflect.

Think about the horrors endured by millions in the battle against evil.  Beating the Bosch, Hammering the Hun or just plain and simply kicking some Nazi arse, stop and think for a moment.  The Middle East, Africa, Falklands, Northern Ireland. Armistice Day – The day of remembrance for all armed forces.

I read last week on the BBC an article about the last surviving ‘Battle of Britain’ pilot.  This good old boy had finally hung up his hat at the ripe old age of 99.  Many of you probably never even noticed the story, nestling between such urgent headlines as ‘Strictly beats X Factor in ratings’ or another overpaid footballer getting caught with his pants down.  Shame on you if you didn’t read it.  Make amends and read about this chap right now

William Walker

And whilst reading, remember Churchill’s words – Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

I also read of another old veteran about to hang up it’s hat. A cold War veteran this time, something we would see often as a kid living in Lutterworth, before the airfield was disbanded and a business park built over the top of it – The Vulcan.  Every kid in the playground would stop and watch this beast as it turned over our heads.  Of course, at the time we were innocently unaware of it’s deadly yet critical role in the brinkmanship game called M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction).  Nonetheless, will be sad to know it is finally grounded

Avro Vulcan

And if you haven’t already read this book, you should do so soon.  I have finished with my copy – ask me nicely and I will send it to you

The Last Fighting Tommy

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month is almost upon us – Rule Britannia

Smack my Bitch Up !

Ok, maybe I jumped the gun a little bit.  I went for a burn on my cycle tonight along ‘Ocean Drive’, one of my normal routes, in fact it is probably my only route here in Newport.  There was plenty of debris still strewn over the roads and it was clear to see that someone had spent a lot of time cleaning up, snow ploughing the sand off the road from the beaches, pulling boulders out of the way etc.  So maybe I have to admit the storm was a little tougher than I first thought.

Let that be said but tonight I blasted Purgatory Hill at 20mph!! Check me out.  I also double checked that with my GPS plotter and that told me I had in fact hit a respectable 22.5 mph momentarily before plunging off the other side to a very mediocre 36mph (still, quite scary in the dark). I am impressed, and of course, moving the goal posts once more – upward to 22mph.

I shall be in Antigua in December and it is here that I fully expect to smash my current downhill record of 44.6mph – the drop down from Shirley Heights is long and steep.  I know this morbid curiosity with speed and my mountain bike will inevitably end in tears but I just can’t help it.  Be thankful though.  Less than a decade ago I would have been trying to crack the double ton on a very very fast motorbike but either way I guess broken bones are broken bones.

So what stimulates you first thing in the morning? My alarm woke me at 05:30.  By 05:45 I was sitting on the rowing machine in the gym having pre programmed  my 40 minute schedule and was looking for some ‘uplifting’ tunes to see me through. I poo poo’d the workout euro pop that I normally opt for that I stole from Nic and Steve and instead went for a bit of Keith and Liam – I got the poison, I got the remedy and of course thoroughly thrashed about trying hard to improve my overall average time for 500 metres.  I was about 5 minutes from the finish when ‘breathe’ came up for its random turn – breathe the pressure, come play my game I’ll test yah, inhale inhale – you are the victim – and by christ was I panting hard by that point – the lyrics amused me.  I started to think about the youth of today and the shite music they have to endure, I feel sad for them, they missed out on greats like the Prodigy, the whole grunge era of Sound Garden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana.

By the time my thoughts had control of me, my pace had slipped – Oh bugger!

I would like to share with you though, a little video by The Prodigy – one of the best vids out there in my humble opinion, and this one, for me, is a tad better than Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice or  Feeder’s Just a Day – but don’t take my word for it, have a look and listen

Smack my Bitch Up

I also had my second busiest day ever on the site yesterday, 320 hits in one day, not too shabby for my little old on line diary.  I credit that to my recent posts about the storm Sandy

Weird dreams?  I dreamt two nights ago that I was in a field with hundreds of other people while an assassin was preparing to take pot shots at us.  Suddenly I was whisked into a palacial mansion and the assassin was Oprah Winfrey and she wanted to get jiggy with it instead of shooting me. Now the worst thing about dreams is that I usually wake up at the most interesting point, the point where you really want to see the story continue and find out where it leads, but once you are awake, you are done for. I was just about to get my hands down the front of Oprah’s pants when the harp started playing.  The harp is my alarm tone on the phone – I was gutted – always wondered what Oprah’s muff was like.

Talking of dodgy looking women, I added more photos to the America 2012 section from the birthday party the other week, you know the one, where I was dressed as a bearded lady?

Pop on over and take a look

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