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1 little speckled frog

sat on a speckled log

eating some most delicious grubs


one jumped into the pool

where it was nice and cool

now there are no little speckled frogs!


That last line didn’t work as well as I hoped.  If I am honest, I remembered the last line as being about green speckled frogs but that equally ruined the rhythm too.

Oh well.  So a certain Mr. Gove got his testicles handed to him on a plate today – I am very happy about that.  I hold Mr. Gove personally responsible for denying the Great British public the spectacular occasion that would have been Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Theresa May is a good option, certainly no BoJo but if her bollocks are half as big as Margaret Thatcher’s were – we will be in for a good ride – hold on tight !

Boris Johnson always reminds me of a modern-day Winston Churchill.


Last weekend should have seen me running in the Great North 10k but an old war wound was preventing me from entering the battle.  I did email them and tell them I wouldn’t make it so I should get a free entry into next years event.  I have to admit to being secretly gutted about that.  I had a low race number (only 3 digits) and a start in the very 1st wave of public runners – from there, I could have done some serious damage I am sure.  I almost had a tear in my eye as I opened that runners pack with such a low number in it.  Next chance is September for the Great North Run.

As if to add insult to injury, I got a standard issue email from them on Monday telling me how special I was to be part of something so great and to complete the race.


Silverstone this weekend, I predict a Rosberg DNF and a Hamilton win. Nico is not a bad chap, it’s just for me, when under pressure, he cracks and makes a mistake whereas Lewis is just more consistent. I hope Jensen Button has a good run too – he is, after all, a thoroughly likeable chap.  Maybe next year Button will get a drive with Williams – then, I predict he will cop off with the ever so sexy Claire Williams and live happily ever after.

What more can I tell you?  I have been exploring the mountains on my bike so expect some new video soon – the down side of that is that whenever I take my GoPro with me, I always feel the need to wear my helmet.  Whenever I wear my helmet – I always crash!


Yum Yum

It’s all over bar the flying!

They think it’s all over – it is now!

That was it, my last 10k run in the forest for the summer – next time I get in there, it will be mud brown instead of summer green, maybe even a blanket of snow on the ground – who knows?  Tomorrow I fly back to Rio de Janeiro and then start the month-long up hill sail to Florida. I am of course immensely proud of myself for needing a dump on the way round.  Maybe I could have held it for that last 3k, maybe not but when I return there will be no camouflage for me to squat out of sight so I thought I better make the most of it while it was still there.

I just had a quick week in the UK as my last bit of freedom before the prison cell that is a sailing yacht – a sweet blast around Cannock Chase yesterday with Rue and Steve-o (or as we will call him from this point on ‘Snail Steve’), caught up with as many people as I could before hitting the ferry back yesterday evening.

I have also taken the opportunity to stock up on Tripel Hop.  When I return, it will have been long gone from the supermarket shelves, I am guessing by mid October, this years brew will be no more and it will be March before the new batch is ready.  There are currently 3 crates nestling in the utility room along with a 4 pack of blonde bush.  While we are on the topic of Belgian Beer – what do you get if you mix several Belgian beers with a Steve-o?

Interview with a Vampire – this minute long video is available for a limited period of time in the video section (exactly where you might expect to find it).  Sadly cut short by lack of memory in my iPhone – I wont make that mistake again.  I have just found myself thinking……..when I die, how much Belgian beer will I have drunk?  Not enough I suspect.

The T-shirt competition is coming along – although by now, it should have been closed and moved on to stage two. I am officially giving a time extension to the following people:-

Neal Westwood, Mush George, Verity McCoy, Lexa Timothy, Amy Horne

It’s not too late to get your entry in.

Getting back to Blighty, I also paid a visit to the Battle of Britain memorial just up the road from Dover.  I was a bit of an eye opener to see a sign requesting people NOT to climb on the Memorial Wall – who would do that FFS?  I took some photos and noticed something – you might think it obvious but it took a moment to dawn on me.  At the end of the wall, there is half a column of free space, there are also some names out of alphabetical order. I realised these were a couple of Churchill’s Few who had died most recently, I am assuming that the remainder of the spare column is reserved for those that are still alive.  I have created a small photo album for ‘Churchill’s Few’ – stop by and have a look.  Check your history books too – so early on in that conflict, the Battle of Britain took place – the Nazi machine stopped in its tracks at the shores of Britain by a bunch of youngsters!

We also have a new subscriber to swell the ranks – everyone please welcome Shazza Evans to the party – I make that 32 now.



Pause for thought

Just for a moment – at 11am local time tomorrow and reflect.

Think about the horrors endured by millions in the battle against evil.  Beating the Bosch, Hammering the Hun or just plain and simply kicking some Nazi arse, stop and think for a moment.  The Middle East, Africa, Falklands, Northern Ireland. Armistice Day – The day of remembrance for all armed forces.

I read last week on the BBC an article about the last surviving ‘Battle of Britain’ pilot.  This good old boy had finally hung up his hat at the ripe old age of 99.  Many of you probably never even noticed the story, nestling between such urgent headlines as ‘Strictly beats X Factor in ratings’ or another overpaid footballer getting caught with his pants down.  Shame on you if you didn’t read it.  Make amends and read about this chap right now

William Walker

And whilst reading, remember Churchill’s words – Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

I also read of another old veteran about to hang up it’s hat. A cold War veteran this time, something we would see often as a kid living in Lutterworth, before the airfield was disbanded and a business park built over the top of it – The Vulcan.  Every kid in the playground would stop and watch this beast as it turned over our heads.  Of course, at the time we were innocently unaware of it’s deadly yet critical role in the brinkmanship game called M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction).  Nonetheless, will be sad to know it is finally grounded

Avro Vulcan

And if you haven’t already read this book, you should do so soon.  I have finished with my copy – ask me nicely and I will send it to you

The Last Fighting Tommy

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month is almost upon us – Rule Britannia

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