1 little speckled frog

sat on a speckled log

eating some most delicious grubs


one jumped into the pool

where it was nice and cool

now there are no little speckled frogs!


That last line didn’t work as well as I hoped.  If I am honest, I remembered the last line as being about green speckled frogs but that equally ruined the rhythm too.

Oh well.  So a certain Mr. Gove got his testicles handed to him on a plate today – I am very happy about that.  I hold Mr. Gove personally responsible for denying the Great British public the spectacular occasion that would have been Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Theresa May is a good option, certainly no BoJo but if her bollocks are half as big as Margaret Thatcher’s were – we will be in for a good ride – hold on tight !

Boris Johnson always reminds me of a modern-day Winston Churchill.


Last weekend should have seen me running in the Great North 10k but an old war wound was preventing me from entering the battle.  I did email them and tell them I wouldn’t make it so I should get a free entry into next years event.  I have to admit to being secretly gutted about that.  I had a low race number (only 3 digits) and a start in the very 1st wave of public runners – from there, I could have done some serious damage I am sure.  I almost had a tear in my eye as I opened that runners pack with such a low number in it.  Next chance is September for the Great North Run.

As if to add insult to injury, I got a standard issue email from them on Monday telling me how special I was to be part of something so great and to complete the race.


Silverstone this weekend, I predict a Rosberg DNF and a Hamilton win. Nico is not a bad chap, it’s just for me, when under pressure, he cracks and makes a mistake whereas Lewis is just more consistent. I hope Jensen Button has a good run too – he is, after all, a thoroughly likeable chap.  Maybe next year Button will get a drive with Williams – then, I predict he will cop off with the ever so sexy Claire Williams and live happily ever after.

What more can I tell you?  I have been exploring the mountains on my bike so expect some new video soon – the down side of that is that whenever I take my GoPro with me, I always feel the need to wear my helmet.  Whenever I wear my helmet – I always crash!


Yum Yum

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