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Bank girl.

the mystery is solved – or at least i think it is.
popped into the bank on tuesday morning, after my little contact card escapade and guess what – suddenly, as if by magic, a ring had appeared on THAT finger.  Trust me, it wasnt there before, i always check!
so now the mystery is solved – or is it? did she doit to give me a subtle message? who knows! who cares!
Today on the polligono isaw some fresh graffiti. now my spanish wasnt excellent but i knew what it said straight away……
Orwell had reason – 1984 is reality!
i wonder if this was linked to spain crashing out of the cup??
this week, i am trying to finish some work on masons landy.  in fine landrover tradition, i have been working in a field with the car on blocks.  Had the transfer box out yesterday and back in again today. Felt just like a dessert rat ……sweating hot, sweat running in my eyes, burning sun, scrabbling around in the dust but it was fun, just me , myself and I.
saturday night i  am meeting up with my chums for a meal and a few beers to end the tour of duty for this visit. ferry leaves at midnight on sunday so come monday tea time, should just be looking over the cliffs at tonel to see if there is a wave.
will go and see restaurante girl again tomorrow, will grab a photo or two of her so you can see what all the fuss is about. and if i insist, i reckon she would come to portugal with me.
anyway, enough for now, i am sweating like a rapist here.

those boys are back again

Got a Plan – Stick to It

all is good and i have a big beaming smile again.
today i packed up my tools from the boat yard and got paid. Had a mild panic when i couldnt find the bank details for the transfer, called Julia in portugal and luckily she had them to hand. called my bank in the uk so send some money there so all is good.
Took the money to the bank, sadly , bank girl was busy with someone else so had to be served by some dude instead. When he had finished, i slipped him my contact card with a message on the back saying, `now you can call, email or sms me and tell me why you wont have dinner with me` he read it and looked at me a bit wierd.
Suddenly, it dawned on me that he hadn`t heard me say `para ela`or for her as i pointed to bank girl, so i said it again and again until he got the message.  So bank girl, the ball is firmly in your court!!!
From the bank, i went straight to the ITV centre (thats MOT for you dudes) guess what?  they passed my car, with four different tyres on it – so no need to splash out on new ones, yep i know, jammie git!!!
From the ITV, i went back to the port and bought my ferry tickets home.  Will finally be leaving Palma de Mallorca at midnight on sunday.  with a bit of luck, i will make it back to portugal for a surf before sunset on monday evening.
I spoke with Julia who is staying in my house, she tells me people are asking when will i return, so the first week could be a little bit boozey i reckon, no car to mot, no tyres to buy, just to surf and fix up the house and maybe find some work too.
welcome back to the land of the peachy!!!! It`s all money in the bank !
and Portugal – England in the next round – what colour will my shirt be<??

time to pack up and leave

My time here is done. Tomorrow i will collect my wages and then call it a day. The work on 50/50 is dragging me down to a place where i dont want to be – so that will be it for this visit.
My targets and objectives (check me out!!) have been achieved and passed so enough is enough, tomorrow, i will hand back my keys, gate pass and take my tools.
I want to get some tyres for the car and also get it MOT`d before i leave so i will do that, other than that, i have a little bit of work to do on masons land rover before i leave, he is hoping to use it for a visit to portugal in august so better make that work! He tried to talk me into staying on an extra week but i just gotta go home, so this way seems better!
so this morning i went to the yard to collect some teak for a job i was working on. While i was sitting in the car, the doors open, a gentle breeze wafting through from left to right, the car speakers wide apart with my head central between them, the sun beating on my shins and tops of my feet, a song came on that took me back home , in my mind anyway.
the boat was in front of me, and the water in front of that, the song by Reef – Good Feeling, helped stir my imagination to a point that the boat blurred in my vision and became a beach, the breeze was a perfect portuguese costal brew and the water gently lapping was reminiscent of a south coast beach at home – i was there!!! I was away, for all of three minutes, with a smile on my face, imagining a post surf chill out overlooking Praia do Armado (west coast i know) but i was smiling again, genuinely smiling.
then, the song ended as abruptly as the moment – and it was all gone. It was at that precise moment that i knew my work on 50/50 was over and i had to begin the return journey without delay.
so, i am almost fully packed, have arranged a night on the town with my mallorcan friends next saturday then will pick up a ferry either late on sunday night or on monday some time.  then , i will finally be home and you know
the first thing i will do is grab a board, my infamous shorts and hit the waves. Afterwards, go home and watch donnie darko for the hundredth time
finally, i would just like to add, Verity McCoy – you are a stunner !

road trip – whats in my box

now fully loaded and ready to roll – the music of favour for my return home is…..
The Cranberries – Stars – all of you reading this will have a moment in your past with one of these songs, i am no different
Massive attack – Blue lines , of course, an ageless classic
Foo Fighters – Acoustic….courtesy of max, but rarely do i venture anywhere without this one in the car
Corrine baily rae – just trying to get into this sound
Damien Rice – O , just have to have this one
Kings of Leon – Youth and Young manhood, thanks to max, this will be the first tune off the ferry in valencia
Kings of Leon – A-Ha, shake heart break – tunes for the summer
James Blunt – Back to bedlam. Say what you like about the overplayed tracks, great to listen too.
Snow Patrol – Final Straw. yep i know, not cutting edge any more but great for a road trip
Reef – Replenish ….many of you wont have heard of these dudes, if you have, it will be for the one wrong reason, a song called put your hands up, played all over blighty in those sleazy aussie bars and pre pubescents stomping grounds. This was by far their best album of pure west country grunge – i still love it now. They bubbled around the back end of the top forty for years and never quite managed the break through – good job too i say, couldnt have those BMW driving wankers singing along to this stuff could we? after all, thats why god gave us nirvana, nickleback and bon jovi.
Interpol – Antics…..first heard one of their tracks in autorapo, portugal and finally found the album i wanted, there is always something satisfying about finding new music, something that internet shopping will never have
The Police – Greatest hits. yep, one we can all sing along to – Roxanne, you dont have to put on the red light.
Nelly Furtado – Whoa Nelly
Nelly Furtado – Folklore – two from nelly, and despite that hideous american accent, she really still is a portuguese beauty, replacing dido in my box this time, much as i love dido, i needed something lighter – nelly hits the spot.
PJ Harvey – Stories from the city, Stories from the sea.  Most of you will be saying `who`right now but unless your name is jo whylie, you will probably never heard of her
Foo Fighters – In your honour – just because they kick ass
Queens of the stone age – songs for the deaf – because they kick ass too
faithless – Reverence , need i say any more ????
Papa Roach – Infest – yeah man
Killers – Hot fuss, i got soul but i`m not a soldier!
Feeder – comfort in sound , you just have to have it
Tom Jones – Reload……laugh all you like, this was a wicked album of duets/covers i gaurantee you will sing to all of them,
there, i count 22, my box must have gotten bigger

next week , i will mostly be listening to

The Kings of Leon
Yep, got some CD`s in the post today which wasn´t a complete surprise, i knew they were coming but after an absolute bastard of a day, the surprise was magical, made me feel all happy again in an instant so
Kings of leon will be my music of choice for the first leg of next weeks road trip, as soon as i hit mainland spain, they will be on.
so next week will be my last. Last nights rant was a bit of a drunken slurr – mason made me drink two bottles of beer and a shandy after work so i was well oiled.
so let me fill you in , in a more sober state.
I will see bank girl on monday and ask her why the hell she wouldnt come out with me.  I am sure as hell she has got the hots for me, i just dont get why she wont come out with me, i know she doesnt have a boyfriend, i asked her, and she aint married either but boy, what a cutie
then there is restaurant girl.  she is very cute too but sadly in a long termer – AND I DON´T STEAL so that sort of rules her out, although she likes the attention, i can`t help but be a terrible flirt when she is around – damn hot chick. today she whispered in my ear `I hate him` and nodded toward a man i couldnt see. it sounded so sexy i almost messed in my pants.  At least i think she was talking about someone in the restaurante, maybe she was talking about her old man? i never considered that until i just typed what she whispered.  oh well.
a weekend of work beckons with mason ( he anchors in poo bay). come monday will make my last bank trip to transfer funds to portugal and this is when i will collar bank girl.
until then
stay cool

i had a slight accident

and the greasy stupid spanish twat tried to blame me, after he reversed into me!!!!
can you believe it? he was full of it , in his security guard uniform, i was ready to twat his teeth down his throat and finally the old bill arrived and told him he was at fault for reversing into me.
no damage to my car and a little to his but i was completely miffed – he kept reversing while i held my horn ( pervert!) solidly until he actually hit me. i couldnt believe he did it, and couldnt understand how he hadnt heard me until i opened my door.  his music was so loud, there was no way he was going to hear me.
let me tell you, i was abso-fucking-lutely livid. i told him it was all his fault, and i think i might have been ranting so much that i scared his mates away, you couldnt see them for dust. called him all sorts of shite in my best spanglish
unti the old bill arrived.
he was still being a complete cock as he explained things to the old bill until the point where they told him that he was actually at fault – suddenly he was silent. the greasy sweaty spanish twat.  I was boiling of course.
so anyway
that was yesterday, today my MOT expires so you might say it was a stroke of luck?
not long left here now, portugal is calling me. surf and sun and not much more for the summer – are you jealous yet? and of course there is the possibility that portugal may meet england in the play offs- talk about divided loyalty.
bank girl still fancies me – i am gonna give her one more opportunity before i leave, the girl in the restaurant has a steady fella and i havent really fancied anyone else enough to do anything about it, so i guess that will be it for me, away from spain , celebacy still rules.
tough to belive but the last time i got jiggy was way back in october last year.
well that will be all fo rnow, havent been here for a few days and looks like i wont get back for a few more.
be cool

sunday at the beach

been a while since i have been able to use that title.  some cool photos opposite too – take a look.
went wakeboarding with mason this afternoon after we had finished working on a boat. wierd thing is, there was a dude there with a rather special boat.  It could pump in upto 600 litres of water into tanks on each side of the boat. the boat then sits down on one side and creates a surfable wave for you to ride.
I tried but it was really wierd having a boat so close in front of you when you are surfing, so i never actually managed to let go of the tow rope – but hey , at least i can say i did it!!
Change of boat, some cool dance tunes and the bastards strapped a wakeboard to my feet, pushed me off the back and threw me a rope!
but this time i was cool.  up on the board first time. very wierd and difficult to control but i managed a few good rides, even managed to cross a wake (minus the big air of course).  Without a doubt, i fell off every time, and let me tell you, when a wake board digs in and stops you dead, that `slap`into the meditereanean really does sting a bit. so i gave up after 6 falls.
I was hoping to go and watch the brazil – australia game in one of the local brazilian bars but the wakeboarding session seemed to take over  – but i am not complaining. it was awesome, almost like being back home – waves sun , beaches music…….which i might add 12 days left………..just a real cool kick ass afternoon.
but that is it now, i have a shed load of work to do before i return so no more play, all work work work.
more work on the land rover too this week wso will be unlikely that i will get here much, even at the weekend, looks like we have some good work lined up so watch this space,
enough for now
thanks max in advance, i am sure the music will be perfect!
keep warm you english fools !!! 

a big hug for Max!!

not only did she read my page and comment on what music i should listen too on the journey home – she is burning a CD for me an mailling it out!!!!!
Max, you are definately THE most cool ex – girlfriend i have ( apart from that bit with the surf house dude)
Officially – YOU ROCK !

lets talk world cup for a minute

Those who know me will know i am no big fan of footie but this years world cup has my interest……..
why ?
well.  in the unlikely event england do any good, i can support them. living in portugal means i can support portugal too, having been living in spain for the last six months means i can also support them but also, i drew argentina in the sweepstakes so i can definately support them – and didnt they have a right result today.
so why do england never do well in the world cup?. firstly, let me say all you yobs out there that beat on about 66 and how we beat the germans – dude , i wasnt even born then and i doubt most of you reading this were either. 66 was a long time ago, i might even argue it was so long ago, it doesnt count any more – but here is the real problem.
imagine that you are on the team, you know whatever you do, the english press and media at some point, is gauranteed to slate your ass off. now imagine you are playing and have that on your mind. you win your first two games but everyone slates your ass off for being boring – EVEN THOUGH YOU WON!!!! so, either way, you are on a hiding to nothing.
now imagine that we got behind the team in a way that happens to those countries that are in the competition that you have never heard of, those countries that you have no idea where they are in the world.  they are proud as punch to be in the competition, they have little fear of feeling bad, they are there already, their country going abso-fucking-lutely mental for them as they thrash at everything they can, their fans creating a carnival on the terraces and in the streets win or loose
but nah,be british, slag them off, win or loose, good or bad just have a good winge, then , that might just motivate them eh ?
so, exciting football, loose matches and no world cup
bringing the world cup home
YOU choose

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