time to pack up and leave

My time here is done. Tomorrow i will collect my wages and then call it a day. The work on 50/50 is dragging me down to a place where i dont want to be – so that will be it for this visit.
My targets and objectives (check me out!!) have been achieved and passed so enough is enough, tomorrow, i will hand back my keys, gate pass and take my tools.
I want to get some tyres for the car and also get it MOT`d before i leave so i will do that, other than that, i have a little bit of work to do on masons land rover before i leave, he is hoping to use it for a visit to portugal in august so better make that work! He tried to talk me into staying on an extra week but i just gotta go home, so this way seems better!
so this morning i went to the yard to collect some teak for a job i was working on. While i was sitting in the car, the doors open, a gentle breeze wafting through from left to right, the car speakers wide apart with my head central between them, the sun beating on my shins and tops of my feet, a song came on that took me back home , in my mind anyway.
the boat was in front of me, and the water in front of that, the song by Reef – Good Feeling, helped stir my imagination to a point that the boat blurred in my vision and became a beach, the breeze was a perfect portuguese costal brew and the water gently lapping was reminiscent of a south coast beach at home – i was there!!! I was away, for all of three minutes, with a smile on my face, imagining a post surf chill out overlooking Praia do Armado (west coast i know) but i was smiling again, genuinely smiling.
then, the song ended as abruptly as the moment – and it was all gone. It was at that precise moment that i knew my work on 50/50 was over and i had to begin the return journey without delay.
so, i am almost fully packed, have arranged a night on the town with my mallorcan friends next saturday then will pick up a ferry either late on sunday night or on monday some time.  then , i will finally be home and you know
the first thing i will do is grab a board, my infamous shorts and hit the waves. Afterwards, go home and watch donnie darko for the hundredth time
finally, i would just like to add, Verity McCoy – you are a stunner !

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