road trip – whats in my box

now fully loaded and ready to roll – the music of favour for my return home is…..
The Cranberries – Stars – all of you reading this will have a moment in your past with one of these songs, i am no different
Massive attack – Blue lines , of course, an ageless classic
Foo Fighters – Acoustic….courtesy of max, but rarely do i venture anywhere without this one in the car
Corrine baily rae – just trying to get into this sound
Damien Rice – O , just have to have this one
Kings of Leon – Youth and Young manhood, thanks to max, this will be the first tune off the ferry in valencia
Kings of Leon – A-Ha, shake heart break – tunes for the summer
James Blunt – Back to bedlam. Say what you like about the overplayed tracks, great to listen too.
Snow Patrol – Final Straw. yep i know, not cutting edge any more but great for a road trip
Reef – Replenish ….many of you wont have heard of these dudes, if you have, it will be for the one wrong reason, a song called put your hands up, played all over blighty in those sleazy aussie bars and pre pubescents stomping grounds. This was by far their best album of pure west country grunge – i still love it now. They bubbled around the back end of the top forty for years and never quite managed the break through – good job too i say, couldnt have those BMW driving wankers singing along to this stuff could we? after all, thats why god gave us nirvana, nickleback and bon jovi.
Interpol – Antics…..first heard one of their tracks in autorapo, portugal and finally found the album i wanted, there is always something satisfying about finding new music, something that internet shopping will never have
The Police – Greatest hits. yep, one we can all sing along to – Roxanne, you dont have to put on the red light.
Nelly Furtado – Whoa Nelly
Nelly Furtado – Folklore – two from nelly, and despite that hideous american accent, she really still is a portuguese beauty, replacing dido in my box this time, much as i love dido, i needed something lighter – nelly hits the spot.
PJ Harvey – Stories from the city, Stories from the sea.  Most of you will be saying `who`right now but unless your name is jo whylie, you will probably never heard of her
Foo Fighters – In your honour – just because they kick ass
Queens of the stone age – songs for the deaf – because they kick ass too
faithless – Reverence , need i say any more ????
Papa Roach – Infest – yeah man
Killers – Hot fuss, i got soul but i`m not a soldier!
Feeder – comfort in sound , you just have to have it
Tom Jones – Reload……laugh all you like, this was a wicked album of duets/covers i gaurantee you will sing to all of them,
there, i count 22, my box must have gotten bigger

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