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Due South 6886nm

SHort lived, i know, but tonight we are leaving the rugged natural beauty of scandinavia behind us, in favour of the cheese and commoness of the med once more.
It was too cold up here for the boss, so he has asked us to return to tourist hell.  Shame really, we spent almost 2 weeks getting here, it will almost be 2 weeks to get back, and we stayed here for just 3 weeks, the boss just had 6 days. 
think about it – 40,000 litres of diesel for a 6 day holiday!!
Never mind.
we leave tonight, just after midnight so will be at sea for some time – expect me in palma any time from the 10th of august.  Skipper has agreed to stop at home in sagres to let me off the boat to go to the bank but then its onward and upward.
i better get back to work

Aker Brygge – 6683 nm

it’s been a decade since i was last here – muchos agua under the bridge thats for sure!
It is fair to say that the scandies – they have it right.  Ok, things are a little more expensive here than in mainland europe but in general, they have got it right.  On the side of the fjords and lakes you see Lido’s.  these are just about extinct from the UK now i reckon.  It doesn’t stop there!  at the Lido’s they also have diving boards on the first floor so that you can dive into the water.
Imagine that ??  the HSE in england would be shitting themselves if they saw this stuff.  Not because they are dangerous places, but simply because they are there!  the nanny state simply doesn’t exist here, if you want to do it, you can.  If you are stupid enough to get hurt doing it – then thats your own stupid fault.
Everybody – please say hello to Monica.  she is a little bit mental, but she is a norgy after all. Young – 21 years old, a little cute thing who is an ex girlfriend of the Viscount.  I am not sure why the Viscount would leave Norway and leave her behind – but he did – the dumb ass !!  In my honest opinion – she is a keeper and The Viscount needs to correct his error immediately and without delay.
On a lighter note – more infact , a note on my previous matchmaking skills – on sunday, i am meeting with Carl and Benedikte and no doubt the family too.  Longer term readers of this blog thingy will remember these people from many years ago – i know for sure that a certain Ms. Cannon from Canada will undoubtably remember – she remembers everything.  Carl and Benedikte married some years ago now, i am guessing around 2000 but my memory escapes me.  I am wondering how many children i will be introduced to on sunday.  Probably many.
It would be easy to find a stunner here and never leave – so i will be guarding myself closely and making sure that we do infact leave and head south again in search of warmer climates and  limitless sunshine.  We still hope to ‘yard’ in Pendennis in September – and after that – who knows……….wherever the boss decides he wants to be.
well – i really should be thinking about going to bed now – it is 04.30am here in Oslo.  it never really got dark, and it never really got offensive. 
i like it here.
Authors fotnote – i would just like to add that my new touch screen phone is completely fucking shite – please, do not waste your money on this crap.  I cannot forward text messages on, save a number contained in a text message, nor can i edit or delete existing contacts.  things have no reason to be this hard to work out.

Scandinavian Beauties !!!!! 5866nm

You really do have to love these women !!
On the 6th day, god made latina chicas, on the 7th day, he went 1 better and created scandinavian hotties.  I am in heaven……i may not leave this place without getting married several times !!
Bigamy – some people say that is having one wife too many – I call that ´marriage´.
I treated myself to some very serene moments on the way up here from london.  the trip itself was just under 1200 miles but supplied some wonderfully blissful moments.
when we are underway on the boat, all of the crew work on a shift rotation.  Normally its a 2 hours on, 4 hours off shift system, with 2 people on each watch.  As i have machinery to look after, i am generally kept out of the watch system, but instead pull just 2 shifts a day, from 6-8am and again from 6-8pm.  I think these are the best times to be on deck , and not only that, but i get to do it alone too – so the mood is completely all mine.
Sunsets with Ravi Shankar, sunrises with the foo’s, to name but a few.
I also witnessed my first early morning sunrise while we were anchored off one of the small islands on the way in to stockholm.  it was just 03.30am when the sun spread a red glow over its clouds.  the night had never completely hit home, it stayed a dark twilight all evening long.
Sweden is more beautiful and calm than you would ever believe – but it still ‘aint no Lisa Melvin.
I am still surprised by how much stunning countries are on your doorstep.  I am even more amazed that more people don’t travel closer to home.  There are many places in europe that offer more than other places around the world – a prime example – compare the caribbean to the greek islands – i would go greek every time.  I had a short stay in Sardinia earlier this year.  I would really like to get back there with some dive gear and explore – the waters were simply lush.
While on a stroll through the labyrinth of olde worlde streets in stockholm tonight, i mentioned to english harry – why , as a refugee, would you want to go to england ?  there are many many more better places in europe.  why choose england ?   beyond me !!!!!
Anyway – take a look at my new photos, and even a video of a party on the aft deck.  might take me a few minutes to upload them all but please be patient with me.

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