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I’m with Boris

In the week that François Hollande said there would be consequences of a Brexit and the week that the dock crew here told me I couldn’t wash my car with the same environmentally friendly soap that we wash the boat with (but we can wash the boat with it – no problem) I would like to dedicate the video below to all of those that choose to be difficult for difficulties sake, without rhyme or reason – why has it taken them nearly 6 months to tell me this and  about the €24,000 fine !!!!!

I would also like to throw a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ out there after the suspension of John Longworth from the British Chamber of Commerce – who voiced a personal opinion that the UK would be better off in the EU if they could reform but that he had come to the conclusion that the EU was incapable of meaningful reform.  Now, the BCC had agreed to remain neutral on the Brexit question, and I reckon his statement was pretty damn neutral, giving a little bit from both sides.

p.s.  My spell check picked up François & Hollande as a typo – I chose the option ‘ignore always’.

p.p.s. – the reason why some of Europe is panicing so much is that when the UK leaves and others see we haven’t died a death – they will leave too – a shrinking EU is the worst nightmare for the power mongers.


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