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England bound

Its been a bit of a trek to get this far – and i still have 4000 miles to go!
Yesterday at 16.30 i arrived at the airport in St Maarten to get my connecting flight over to Antigua where i would pick up the BA jet back to Gatwick.  the 25 minute flight was due to leave at 18:50 and put me on the ground at 19:20 in time to check in for the BA jet that was leaving at 21.20.
The connecting flight was 6 hours late so my BA jet would  long gone by the time i got there.  The staff in St Maarten said someone would help me at the other end but frankly, i doubted it.
We touched down and i expected to find a completely deserted airport.  Instead i found a helpful representative from LIAT air,who told me that they had already re-booked me onto the next BA flight, a taxi was waiting and it would take me to a hotel for the evening and come and collect me again the next day.
Now, i have checked the weather at gatwick and it looks ok, a little foggy maybe but i am sure we can manage with that – so it looks like i may finally get back to england.
I was looking at the major hire car people for all of the UK airports – most of them had no cars available for the two weeks that i wanted.  I did find one or two but they wanted 1000 quid for two weeks.  eventually, i dropped a bomb and found a fiesta in Rugby for 275 quid – and they offered me a free upgrade too – so not only will i get to england, i will also be able to get around while i am there.
So as long as the plane can land – and the trains can run, i am there.
I was a little miffed to find out that Jake had blocked me on messenger and removed me on facebook without saying anything other than ‘cunt’ but i guess thats just the modern way.  Maybe i should ‘modernise’ my will to disperse the estate in a more graceful fashion
Merry christmas – wherever you are

Endless summer

Made it back, and man, is it hot here!
having a few days off at the moment so grabbed my new board today and went looking for surf with young harry.  we rented a 4×4 and used it well.  found some beaches over a reef and paddled out.
it was bliss, the wave was not so big, maybe a metre if it was, the water was so warm but sadly the reef was so shallow – on my first paddle in, i saw the rocks expose below the surface and decided it was just too dangerous to try – so we got out and tried a few other spots
We covered the whole island over the course of the day and found nothing really worthy – the better stuff is just offshore where the reefs jack it up early before it hits the shore.  So unless we can find someone to sit out there in our boat, it aint gonna happen.
Some more scuba is booked for friday and saturday, underwater exploring is so cool, and literally cool out of the sun too.
well enough for now, darkness is about to fall so time to hide from the mozzys.  the engineer finally sent the house plans too – not a bad looking thing.  will meet with him over new year.
will be in england over xmas and new year too, Juniors wedding is top of the list for new years eve, would be good to touch base with jake too .

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