England bound

Its been a bit of a trek to get this far – and i still have 4000 miles to go!
Yesterday at 16.30 i arrived at the airport in St Maarten to get my connecting flight over to Antigua where i would pick up the BA jet back to Gatwick.  the 25 minute flight was due to leave at 18:50 and put me on the ground at 19:20 in time to check in for the BA jet that was leaving at 21.20.
The connecting flight was 6 hours late so my BA jet would  long gone by the time i got there.  The staff in St Maarten said someone would help me at the other end but frankly, i doubted it.
We touched down and i expected to find a completely deserted airport.  Instead i found a helpful representative from LIAT air,who told me that they had already re-booked me onto the next BA flight, a taxi was waiting and it would take me to a hotel for the evening and come and collect me again the next day.
Now, i have checked the weather at gatwick and it looks ok, a little foggy maybe but i am sure we can manage with that – so it looks like i may finally get back to england.
I was looking at the major hire car people for all of the UK airports – most of them had no cars available for the two weeks that i wanted.  I did find one or two but they wanted 1000 quid for two weeks.  eventually, i dropped a bomb and found a fiesta in Rugby for 275 quid – and they offered me a free upgrade too – so not only will i get to england, i will also be able to get around while i am there.
So as long as the plane can land – and the trains can run, i am there.
I was a little miffed to find out that Jake had blocked me on messenger and removed me on facebook without saying anything other than ‘cunt’ but i guess thats just the modern way.  Maybe i should ‘modernise’ my will to disperse the estate in a more graceful fashion
Merry christmas – wherever you are

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