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Who you know

It’s a cliche i know but the old saying is very true – it’s not what you know but who you know!
I just met with the local council architect who i met through a friend of a friend.  He is more than happy to handle my new house project and will deal with all of the beurocracy in my absence.  He also reckoned that the whole process would take around a year but that really doesnt bother me as i will be away working.  He will even email me once the project is approved and ready to build.
The strange thing is, he will design the house and make the plans and then submit them to the office in the council for approval.  Now, sit down for the good bit………he is the man that makes the approval in the council and puts the stamp on the project so i dont really see ny problems with legality coming my way.
Every cloud has a silver lining i guess.  Oh big Sis – i am forever landing in shit and coming out smelling of roses.
Anyway – heres looking forward to seeing his grand designs for my ageing pad over here.
watch this space for future developments

Crazy Germans !

Home in portugal again!
but not without shitting in my pants on the aeroplane.  It is strange, everytime i fly between palma and faro there is always a lot of turbulence.  I have been concious though recently that i have flown a hell of a lot over the last couple of years, and thus, by the law of averages, it must soon be my turn to have an accident.
The average stats say that you would need to fly for 8 hours a day for 6 years before you would be involved in an air accident – and even then, the odds are in your favour of surviving the crash.  For some reason, these stats were on my mind as we took off from Palma.  Over mainland spain, as we crossed the mountains, we hit a small patch of turbulence.  It was small in time frame but big in movement.
I have never been on a plane before when the plane dropped faster than i did, there was air between my cheeks and the seat.  If it wasn’t for my seatbelt, i reckon i would have been out of my seat completely. The pilot swiftly dropped 1000 metres and changed his course and hey presto, we were smooth again, albeit with a racing heart beat.
My first night home was a blast as per usual.  I joined the local german community and we headed to Mitic in Sagres.  Live DJ, who was working his ass off and seriously had the whole joint swinging.  The germans started moshing while the locals looked on curiously.  I opted for an early night and headed home by 01.30.
Today – car troubles.  Using Rue’s Jeep for the surf safari’s wasnt a good idea – it let me down and took most of the afternoon to get it back home again.  My rental car – the skoda – will now step in and carry me and the 10`2“ for the rest of the week.  I have already managed to damage the rental on the surf tracks – luckily for me, i always pay for full insurance – so they can pay for the new front bumper.  I shouldn’t think a new bumper would cost less than a grand.
So later in the week, i am hoping to head to blighty – snow permitting.  In serious need of two fillings and the gourgeous dentist can have her way with me.  Once flights are booked i will make plans to meet people while i am there.
so if you need me – call

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