Who you know

It’s a cliche i know but the old saying is very true – it’s not what you know but who you know!
I just met with the local council architect who i met through a friend of a friend.  He is more than happy to handle my new house project and will deal with all of the beurocracy in my absence.  He also reckoned that the whole process would take around a year but that really doesnt bother me as i will be away working.  He will even email me once the project is approved and ready to build.
The strange thing is, he will design the house and make the plans and then submit them to the office in the council for approval.  Now, sit down for the good bit………he is the man that makes the approval in the council and puts the stamp on the project so i dont really see ny problems with legality coming my way.
Every cloud has a silver lining i guess.  Oh big Sis – i am forever landing in shit and coming out smelling of roses.
Anyway – heres looking forward to seeing his grand designs for my ageing pad over here.
watch this space for future developments

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