Back home once more!

I finally had enough with Facebook.  For the second time in 6 months they have changed the control and layout of the pages.  Bad thing is, suddenly i found myself reading notes between friends that really i dont think i should have been able to see.  When i tried to find my own privacy settings, i couldn’t even see the applications i was running – god forbid someone might read what i was doing on there.  So i just had a big clear out and deleted loads of stuff – changed all my personal data but i fear it is already recorded somewhere – never to be deleted.
I was also reading last week about the viruses on facebook.  According to the BBC interview, Facebook do not screen any of the applications that people upload until they get complaints.  So that’s 10,000 pc’s infected before facebook pull the application!  Do you remember, in recent weeks receiving a notification that your profile had been reported for a violation of terms and conditions ?  If you opened that one – you better get your anti virus programme running pretty quickly.
So, back to the old faithful, the MSN blog.  I missed it too, neglected and left alone for months at a time, just the odd update on a monthly basis but all of that is now going to change my friends so keep dropping by and leaving messages for me.  Keep a sharp eye on the editors footnotes section for the really saucy stuff too.
Looks like we started to secure our dates for the summer season too, kicking off with the Palma Vela in April, then across to Italy for Porto Cervo for a month and then possibly onto the island of Capri and back up to St Tropez before returning to Palma in August (better keep the air con running) for the Copa Del Rey (Kings Cup).  Beyond August, who knows – but then again , who knows anything until the boss steps onto the boat and tells us what he wants to do for the season!
We are due to launch again on the 26th March so a frantic week and a half coming up.  On friday morning i am heading home to portugal for the weekend.  Big birthday bash in the Warung and also want to meet with the architect to see what plans he has in store for me.  It is exciting but i have serious doubts if he will have done anything for me – only one way to find out i guess.
So, let me leave you there – just one small thing to add, the current visitor stats for this little blog stand at 22,834………i am thinking that we should offer a new prize for the 30,000th visitor
authors footnote – a sudden burst of energy this week meant that i had to pay a visit to the belly dancer to let off some steam……….interesting.!

5 responses to “Back home once more!

  • Sandy

    hi wayne glad to see your still having fun.. long since i\’ve heard from you.have a bohemia for me, enjoying all the pics

  • wayne

    Close Ms Cannon – infact it was a BMW and the winner was – oh this was so sweet – the winner was a regular reader who had asked me to remove their name from my pages so it was impossible to inform them that they had won the prize – I saved twenty grand!!!

  • Debbie

    So who won the last prize………. wasn\’t it a Mercedes? LOL

  • wayne

    I will try my best but i fear that if i drink a bohemia – that will lead to several, and after several, i doubt i will be having a surf !!

  • Lineke

    I agree with your move, such a bummer about the viruses and privacy thing….I never had a problem with it and the change on my page is very limited to just the font type and friend requests…strange…Anyhow, glad you\’re well, get some naked surfing done while you\’re in Sagres, have fun at the party and drink a bohemia for me! Also , take loads of pics! Would be great to see them! xx

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