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I don’t think there are enough price comparison websites in the uk so i am going to create another one.  This one will be unique though, it will compare the comparison sites………… would think someone would have come up with that by now.
On a lighter note, the sun was out today while i was working, such a blissful afternoon, no-one interrupting me, i love it. Looks like we will be here in palma until march time before heading off on our action packed summer season.  The boat is slowly becoming familiar to me but the technology is more advanced than anything i have worked on before.  Pipes, wires, cables, computors, engines, generators – you name it, i have to know it, and when i have all of that sorted, i have to learn how it sails….!
I nearly didn’t make it here for a couple of reasons….
1.  i very almost ran out of diesel in the mountains across spain.  Had to shake the car with the steering wheel like they do in F1 after being on a long long uphill stretch for too long!  But we made it to the next petrol station and hastily filled up.
2.  the ferry crossing was rough as old boots.  I sat for two hours or more, knowing that if i tried to get a coffee i would not make it back to my seat without spilling it.  Just when it started to calm down, i thought we had arrived.  I didn’t realise we were stopping at Ibiza too.
Facebook… it or hate it, generally i can take it or leave it but recently, i have found a shed load of old chums on there, from way back to high school too.  One thing that really does tick me off – spelling!  come on, it’s not hard, spell it right otherwise you look like a right spazztard (thanks georgia for my new word of the week)
 Moving on – Greys Anatomy.  I am officially confused!  During the summer i watched an episode where Meredith drowned.  In the last week i was in portugal, she was alive again, can someone tell me what the hell is going on?
And finally
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