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Agitated survivor!

Been a funny few days of late not sure why but just getting agitated at the slightest things.  maybe my recent spate of electrical accidents hasn’t helped so i decided to run again tonight in a bid to burn off some excess energy.  I almost made it up to the castle too but had to turn back, i was knackered.
The running shoes are looking a little worn out now, maybe time to purchase some new ones.  It breaks my heart to spend so much money on trainers and then just take them out and get them covered in all the crap the world can throw at you.
I looked on facebook again today – i am continually miffed at the level of education in the UK.  People just cannot spell, nor understand the differences between similar sounding words with different spellings and meanings – but please, let me give you some examples…………..
taken from facebook today,
Oi nuff of that, what da fuck, is u 4gettin’ da bitch slap me and me biatch z we’d give ya 4 putting ya status like dis!   (is this english at all ?)
You’d better get off yur arse and find it !! 
Ur burnin’ daylight
PATEHIC (that should have been pathetic)
home. saw and larrrfing ( i think she meant sore)
I wonder, if exam grades are getting better and kids are writing like this, they must be grading papers that are written like this and passing them !!
of course, i have a real pet hate…………..nothing and nothink !  for the real serfs out there, this rubs me up completely the wrong way – dont do it, its not english.
Now, lets cross the pond for one that grinds my bones, not only because it is wrong but also because now it is fashionable to speak american english in england.
‘ You do the math’
I hate it, but let me explain why.
The full word is ´mathematics´ but i am happy to abbreviate it.  you may have noticed that mathematics and maths are words in their plural forms.  why? well think about it.  Mathematics requires at least 2 numbers to form a calculation.  If you use the american form ‘math’ it indicates singular, or in other words, just one number.  How can you make a calculation with just one number?  you can’t, so it is completely wrong to use the word math, infact, i would even argue that it simply doesnt exist.
Here is an example of an american math question.
here is an example of an english maths question
6 + 3 = 9
So now you can clearly see my point – why do we continually tolerate people that take our beautiful language and bastardise it at every opportunity?
But enough of that – i want to say hi to a chum up in Canada.  She is probably very cold at the moment, not because she is burried in the garden but because Canada is a pretty chilly hood!  Hello Deborah (with an ‘H’)
It is kind of cool to think that my little blog is read in many different corners of the world…….i feel a little competition coming on.
leave a message when you read this and tell us where in the world you are, better still, get your friends to read it too

Chasing cars !

The end to a very expensive week for many people in palma, me included!
On friday, while using my laptop to read a wiring diagram, i took a salt water line off and put it on the deck.  I noticed a small spill of saltwater but thought nothing of it for the next hour until i tried the laptop again – it was munted!  I hurried into the engine room and opened her up for a clean out but i was too late, the damage was done.  Thankfully, i had completed a full back up only a couple of days earlier so i could re-instate all of my data onto the new laptop that i had to go and buy! 800€ !
Then , on saturday morning, i dropped my telephone into about 5mm of water in the bilge – hey presto – phone no longer works.  Back to the engine room to open her up and clean her out – this time with sucess.
Then, finally, yesterday afternoon, i dropped my ipod in a puddle of water and that wouldn’t work either.  I left that to dry out and this morning it was working again.
Let me tell you about back ups!  they are not as easy as you might think.  infact, you start off by re-installing all of the quirky little programmes that we use, adobe, itunes, skype, messenger – etc etc….then your pc needs to download updates.  the first time, it needed 65, after that, another 16 appeared and when all of those had cleared i am told i need to download a service pack, which will take an hour.  After all of that, you can start copying the files back across once more.
then , curiously enough, itunes doesnt pick up all of your files as it should, so you start playing with them too.
All in all, re-instating all of my gear has taken me around 8 hours all told.  Now imagine that i hadn’t backed up my data, photos and music (6500 songs).  wouldnt i be in the shit right now?
I did have some fun along the way though, linking artwork to some of the missing music tracks.  Even a little moment of nostalgia for Gary Lineke as i added her photo to a particular track !  For now , all is complete.
I have had some curious visits to the blog this week.  Someone likes lisa melvin, but they are looking for a lisa melvin in the states, not the uk version (who is seriously hotter).  Also someone had landed on my blog by putting the search word ‘November’ into their engine – just stop and think for one minute , just how many results would that have turned out ?
I am looking forward to the coming week.  we have a lot to fix, we are late too, we should have been in the water last week but due to circumstances beyond our control, i doubt we will splash before easter.  That is a big disappointment for all concerned – we just want to get to sea again – me, i just want my next adventure

104 kgs

I know, its far too much – so tonight i went for a run.  Have been carrying my running gear around with me for so long but never actually used it, so tonight, when i got home, i had a dump, got my gear on and went for a quick trot around the block.
It wasnt too far but i was wankered, it is fair to say.  I feel the pain and need to keep pushing through that barrier.  soon to be gloriously 40, i need to retain some fitness to ease me into my twilight years.
As Gary once said – ‘does it get in the way ?’

Mission accomplished

Last night went according to plan, just three beers and three bottles of water!!  Left the party at midnight and slept until 08.30.
I went to say hello at the dive school but decided against a dive today.  Instead i opted for a hair cut and a surf.  What a result!  I spent just over 3 hours in the water at Zavial on the south coast.  Bumped into a guy called Jerome in the car park and we went out and surfed together.  Was a bit of a hoot too, not massive waves, a good interval and a gloriously sunny day.  I was shattered but didn’t want to leave the water so kept plugging away.
Eventually as the tide dropped away , so did the waves so i bailed out – it was 5pm!!  Jerome was worried that his woman would be mad with him.  He told me that after surfing, all he wanted to do was eat and sleep and this was driving her mad – she wanted to go out, it was saturday after all. So i gave him a real solid piece of advice, in my own special independent advisor way……i told him to give her 20 bucks and send her out for the night, then he could sleep in peace!!  Everyone would be happy – provided she cooked him dinner before she went out!
I also tried my hand at capturing the lifestyle here with some photos.  I will add them tomorrow when i get back to mallorca – some of them i quite like.
The meeting with the architect was also positive – should be hearing from him in the next week or two about the OK from the local council to rebuild – then he can start drawing up some plans.
Tonight, all that is left to do is watch a sunset and then crawl into bed!
Tomorrow i will surf again

Portugal is Beautiful

Its always a pleasure coming home!
The frantic drive from the airport out to the cape always makes me smile, ear to ear!  the sun was shining, the clouds were somewhere else, the external temp gauge read 24ºC and there was bugger all traffic on the road.
The flowers are beginning to bloom in the garden, the cane is beginning to grow again the ocean is a very inviting shade of turqouise and it is blissfully devoid of wanky tourists.
I love it.
On a lighter note, i just had to spend 13€ at the chinese shop – i forgot to pack some shorts and it really is beach weather at the moment – which leaves me with a dilema!
I have a big party tonight – which i would like to go to.  Tomorrow there is a cave dive happening with the dive centre here, which i would like to do , and above all else, i would like to take my board to the beach for the day and just relax – so the dilema is mine.
Maybe i can do all three provided i dont drink too much tonight!
i wonder what will happen??
authors footnote – i would sincerely like to thank lisa melvin for her recent photo that she sent to me.  It was not porn but that did not sadden me any.  instead, it was a photo of her in fancy dress as Lara Croft, sporting two pistols too. I would like to re-declare my adoration for this girl…………after many years of fancying this chica and trying to hook up with her – i am still intoxicated by her!!!  Surely this means something??

Birthday weekender

The weekend is almost here, for me, it’s a celebration.
On friday morning i am flying home for a big knees up in the warung, a triple birthday tipple no doubt!  lots of cra-azy germans and plenty of the old Bohemia.  I will be sure to take my camera as no doubt it will get a little messy.
Also on the agenda is a meeting with the engineer.  I really am hoping this dude has moved things along since last month.  I spoke to him yesterday and he seemed ok, lets just hope he has some plans for me to see and sign off on.  I am wondering if he will have done anything at all – i guess by friday tea time, we will know for sure.
One last tipple of joy today – the gorgeous lisa melvin sent me a photo by telephone, i just gotta log in and see what it is.  Ideally, i would like it to be a picture of her completely naked but much more likely to be something arty and totaly unrelated to my sexual desires.  Anyway, i am off to orange to check it out.

Running on methane

One must laugh at ones self more often.
here i am sitting on the throne with my laptop.  I look down at the battery gauge and see an odd symbol on the battery bar.  Open it up to see what all the fuss is about.
Aparently there is no battery detected!!  Certain i have no mains power connected, i can only assume that i am running on methane fumes !
Now just to cheer you all up – it is gloriously sunny and warm here today

Back home once more!

I finally had enough with Facebook.  For the second time in 6 months they have changed the control and layout of the pages.  Bad thing is, suddenly i found myself reading notes between friends that really i dont think i should have been able to see.  When i tried to find my own privacy settings, i couldn’t even see the applications i was running – god forbid someone might read what i was doing on there.  So i just had a big clear out and deleted loads of stuff – changed all my personal data but i fear it is already recorded somewhere – never to be deleted.
I was also reading last week about the viruses on facebook.  According to the BBC interview, Facebook do not screen any of the applications that people upload until they get complaints.  So that’s 10,000 pc’s infected before facebook pull the application!  Do you remember, in recent weeks receiving a notification that your profile had been reported for a violation of terms and conditions ?  If you opened that one – you better get your anti virus programme running pretty quickly.
So, back to the old faithful, the MSN blog.  I missed it too, neglected and left alone for months at a time, just the odd update on a monthly basis but all of that is now going to change my friends so keep dropping by and leaving messages for me.  Keep a sharp eye on the editors footnotes section for the really saucy stuff too.
Looks like we started to secure our dates for the summer season too, kicking off with the Palma Vela in April, then across to Italy for Porto Cervo for a month and then possibly onto the island of Capri and back up to St Tropez before returning to Palma in August (better keep the air con running) for the Copa Del Rey (Kings Cup).  Beyond August, who knows – but then again , who knows anything until the boss steps onto the boat and tells us what he wants to do for the season!
We are due to launch again on the 26th March so a frantic week and a half coming up.  On friday morning i am heading home to portugal for the weekend.  Big birthday bash in the Warung and also want to meet with the architect to see what plans he has in store for me.  It is exciting but i have serious doubts if he will have done anything for me – only one way to find out i guess.
So, let me leave you there – just one small thing to add, the current visitor stats for this little blog stand at 22,834………i am thinking that we should offer a new prize for the 30,000th visitor
authors footnote – a sudden burst of energy this week meant that i had to pay a visit to the belly dancer to let off some steam……….interesting.!

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