Agitated survivor!

Been a funny few days of late not sure why but just getting agitated at the slightest things.  maybe my recent spate of electrical accidents hasn’t helped so i decided to run again tonight in a bid to burn off some excess energy.  I almost made it up to the castle too but had to turn back, i was knackered.
The running shoes are looking a little worn out now, maybe time to purchase some new ones.  It breaks my heart to spend so much money on trainers and then just take them out and get them covered in all the crap the world can throw at you.
I looked on facebook again today – i am continually miffed at the level of education in the UK.  People just cannot spell, nor understand the differences between similar sounding words with different spellings and meanings – but please, let me give you some examples…………..
taken from facebook today,
Oi nuff of that, what da fuck, is u 4gettin’ da bitch slap me and me biatch z we’d give ya 4 putting ya status like dis!   (is this english at all ?)
You’d better get off yur arse and find it !! 
Ur burnin’ daylight
PATEHIC (that should have been pathetic)
home. saw and larrrfing ( i think she meant sore)
I wonder, if exam grades are getting better and kids are writing like this, they must be grading papers that are written like this and passing them !!
of course, i have a real pet hate…………..nothing and nothink !  for the real serfs out there, this rubs me up completely the wrong way – dont do it, its not english.
Now, lets cross the pond for one that grinds my bones, not only because it is wrong but also because now it is fashionable to speak american english in england.
‘ You do the math’
I hate it, but let me explain why.
The full word is ´mathematics´ but i am happy to abbreviate it.  you may have noticed that mathematics and maths are words in their plural forms.  why? well think about it.  Mathematics requires at least 2 numbers to form a calculation.  If you use the american form ‘math’ it indicates singular, or in other words, just one number.  How can you make a calculation with just one number?  you can’t, so it is completely wrong to use the word math, infact, i would even argue that it simply doesnt exist.
Here is an example of an american math question.
here is an example of an english maths question
6 + 3 = 9
So now you can clearly see my point – why do we continually tolerate people that take our beautiful language and bastardise it at every opportunity?
But enough of that – i want to say hi to a chum up in Canada.  She is probably very cold at the moment, not because she is burried in the garden but because Canada is a pretty chilly hood!  Hello Deborah (with an ‘H’)
It is kind of cool to think that my little blog is read in many different corners of the world…….i feel a little competition coming on.
leave a message when you read this and tell us where in the world you are, better still, get your friends to read it too

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