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back in the day

i was just reading some old pages in my blog, no, not reminising but apparently there is mention of an old girlfriends name in my blog and she is getting a little bit tetchy about it.  She has asked me to remove it and i will but i need a little inspiration as to what i can replace it with.  Of course, i dont want to delete the whole passage but it would be fun to make a comedy substitution.
Couldnt help but notice that i also used to write with much more passion – more vigor – more inspiration.  well, that has temporarily been sucked out of me by a small disease we call ‘work’ but soon i will be back with a vengance.
I am due to leave the boat around 20th June and that is when my 6 month holiday begins.  I promise to write with joy, integrity and juice too if and when it occurs, my search for a hot latina will begin once i return to portugal.  I will fill you in with all of my antics on my new longboard, i need a name for that too, my house repairs and my general loafing around in the sun while you lot have to work.
I wonder if i might meet my hot latina while here in spain.  I am confident that this is the year that t will happen but surely i need to get surf fit first? all this loafing around and living on a boat with a full time chef hasn’t been kind to me.  I am sure though, that a month at home will sort it out.
Coop, the old slut has threatened to come and join me in portugal for a while, i wonder if she will manage it.  I have a day in lisbon before i fly out and will happily show her around. might even try to sell her for a few euros but i doubt she will fetch much – she has a lot of miles on the clock and also, there are only two things that smell of fish, and one of them is fish !!!!
I am staying at masons pad while in mallorca, glad to be off the boat and in a full size bed for a change.  Mason continues to be a complete cock and is currently the biggest nob end i know ( apart from russ in portugal!)
anyway – enough for now
send me name suggestions for the ex and for my new board.  maybe i could switch them around?  call her ‘groovy nose rider’ and my board ‘lineke’ ??

I love Lisa Melvin

finally made it into mallorca yesterday afternoon after a gruelling yet enjoyable 4300 miles of open ocean.
Some things confuse me though – i have been away since december and had 2 bank cards expire – one of them ran out in january and i had no idea until i went to the bank today.
how can i survive for so long without going to the bank ?
Tomorrow morning i am off to portugal for the weekend but will be back in Mallorca for monday to start work again.
It was a fun trip, lacking for many months in dolphins but we had some treats as we got back into the Med.  I tried with the camera but am just too old and slow.
The free BMW is still up for grabs, remember, the 20,000th visitor gets it and i can tell you we are less than 200 away now so keep clicking.
My new surf board is still waiting for me, i am only 7 weeks away !!!!!!
Finally, i would like to dedicate this blog entry to the very gorgeous Lisa Melvin, one girl who successfully avoided my charms for many years, and i promise, it wasnt for lack of trying.  Drop dead gorgeous, business smart and single, she really would make a good wife for me but she keeps letting me down.  If you doubt my judgement, take a look through my photo albums here on the blog page, look for an album called `The Melvin Chronicles’  she is definately worthy of my attention.
so for now – i continue to dream
back soon

And they’re off !!

Tomorrow at around midday – its all gonna happen, hoist the main, set the jib and we are rocking, hopefully in the general direction of Madeira instead of the açores weather permitting.
So finally after four months in the caribbean , i am heading home.  OK it’s not to my home in portugal, that wont be until june, but it is to my second home, Mallorca for a couple of weeks.
From there to Corfu and the beautiful Ionian Sea.  A couple of guest trips and then i am done until mid december.
I have also decided that once back in the land of the latin lovelies, it is definately time to find a new one, so between my surfs and house repairs, i will officially be out on the sniff!!!!
Yesterday, we watched the start of a race here in the bay where we were anchored.  Someone had very kindly dropped the windward bouy just infront of our boat so we had the best seat in the house for the ‘first turn ‘ carnage – some photos attached.
Lastly, as i will be mid atlantic when they happen, i would like to wish Jake happy 18th birthday and David , happy 70th.  Sadly i cannot be there and i know i really should be. My favourite portuguese saying just about covers it ‘ A Vida e assim ‘

British Virgin Islands

her we sit for close to a week now, waiting for a break in the weather to make a dash for it.
bored, doesnt really cover it – chomping at the bit is closer, waiting to get home.  Of course i will be thankful to get home in one piece.
After 4 months in the caribbean
I am ready
take me home

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