I love Lisa Melvin

finally made it into mallorca yesterday afternoon after a gruelling yet enjoyable 4300 miles of open ocean.
Some things confuse me though – i have been away since december and had 2 bank cards expire – one of them ran out in january and i had no idea until i went to the bank today.
how can i survive for so long without going to the bank ?
Tomorrow morning i am off to portugal for the weekend but will be back in Mallorca for monday to start work again.
It was a fun trip, lacking for many months in dolphins but we had some treats as we got back into the Med.  I tried with the camera but am just too old and slow.
The free BMW is still up for grabs, remember, the 20,000th visitor gets it and i can tell you we are less than 200 away now so keep clicking.
My new surf board is still waiting for me, i am only 7 weeks away !!!!!!
Finally, i would like to dedicate this blog entry to the very gorgeous Lisa Melvin, one girl who successfully avoided my charms for many years, and i promise, it wasnt for lack of trying.  Drop dead gorgeous, business smart and single, she really would make a good wife for me but she keeps letting me down.  If you doubt my judgement, take a look through my photo albums here on the blog page, look for an album called `The Melvin Chronicles’  she is definately worthy of my attention.
so for now – i continue to dream
back soon

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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