And they’re off !!

Tomorrow at around midday – its all gonna happen, hoist the main, set the jib and we are rocking, hopefully in the general direction of Madeira instead of the açores weather permitting.
So finally after four months in the caribbean , i am heading home.  OK it’s not to my home in portugal, that wont be until june, but it is to my second home, Mallorca for a couple of weeks.
From there to Corfu and the beautiful Ionian Sea.  A couple of guest trips and then i am done until mid december.
I have also decided that once back in the land of the latin lovelies, it is definately time to find a new one, so between my surfs and house repairs, i will officially be out on the sniff!!!!
Yesterday, we watched the start of a race here in the bay where we were anchored.  Someone had very kindly dropped the windward bouy just infront of our boat so we had the best seat in the house for the ‘first turn ‘ carnage – some photos attached.
Lastly, as i will be mid atlantic when they happen, i would like to wish Jake happy 18th birthday and David , happy 70th.  Sadly i cannot be there and i know i really should be. My favourite portuguese saying just about covers it ‘ A Vida e assim ‘

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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