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what did you do today??

i went for a surf, lazed on a beach (or two) and bought a house!!
remember that dream property that i mentioned a few days ago?????’well today the owner called and accepted my offer.  looks like i will move in before the end of september.
an absolutely perfect place, i cannot describe, but lookout for photos soon, sea view, nearly 700m2 of land, four bedrooms, 2 maybe 3 anexes. my own fig trees and herb garden, 4 bedrooms and did i mention the sea view?????? not even russ and sara have a sea view ( te he heee)
now, my sister would say at this point, ´wayne can fall in shit and still come up smelling of roses’  this is true, the place is worth 50% more than i will pay for it…… is so perfect, typically portuguese, everything i ever wanted and probably more too.
ben paid 80.000 for a plot of land half this size, what an absolute bargain………OH MY GOD
it finally happened, only took ten months but this place is worth the wait!
ok, so by now i am a little drunk sostruggling to type well.  tomorrow igo back to work.
next weekend my latina beauty will be here for a week then my faggot friend from cornwall will come, closelyfollowed by two emmetts from rugby, than a week later christine arrves
gonna be a busy month
gotta go, i fancy a burger now
call me if you want to know more
+351 91 476 3209

what a day

two surfs at mareta and then onto baranco this afternoon.  i am so wasted it is unbelievable.  just passed mareta and it is still pumping but i am completely wiped out.
no work again tomorrow, lets hope the swell stays

No work team

no work today or tomorrow and guess what?
south coast swell, water temp, 24 degrees, light off shore winds and sun sun sun……i am going to enjoy this.

sandra was miffed

that i took some of her photos off so here they are!
hello to xana and luis

the perfect house – i found it

let me tell you about a perfect house i have found.

half way between sagres and vila do bispo, in a small hamlet of maybe 6 or 7 houses.

4 bedrooms, two anexes, a big plot of land and a sea view.═ one small snag, the old lady wants 23 million esudos for it, (115.000 euros).═ the place is gorgeous, fig trees in the garden and is livable as it is.═ the only snag is i am 15.000 euros short of the asking price.═ on monday i will bid her my absolute maximum for the property but i dont think she will take it but i have to try, my max bid will be 20 million escudos.═ the property is worth a lot more than she is asking and has all services conneted too.═ a typically portuguese home, all of the doors are so low i have to duck to get in all of them.═ small windows with wooden shutters on the inside, wood beam ceilings, tiled floors and two pig stys in the garden………this is perfect!═ I found it purely by chance, i was road testing a car and for some reason i went on the old road to sagres……i stopped by these houses for no reason and saw a sign under a tree.═ we called them straight away and went to see the house that night.

the gardens are huge and tidy, there is also a separate outbuilding that she uses for grinding her own flower and doing her washing.═ in the second annex there is an old stone oven that she uses for baking her bread.═ this place is amazing……i have to have it.═ on monday we will see……….

just a quick update

alive and well and off for a surf in mo,… is glorious again and half of he country is still on fire.
max has finally made her page and i will link it next.
keep on trucking

still alive!!!!

woke up yesterday morning to smoke filled skies, the fires are getting closer!
it is unbelievable to see the news here and realise how much of portuga lis burning.  in one town alone, 11 firefighters died trying to save the town.
the tourists are driving me crazy, hence why i havent posted for a while. still, one more week and they will all go home. september is the best month here.
Gave sandra her camera back at the weekend so dont expect any new photos for a while. she is very sexy and extremely annoyed with me after we had a chat at the weekend.  I tried my best to explain but just made things worse….oh well.
next month i have visitors…..alex, dean rupert and christine all in one month.  mind you, dean and rupert still havent told me when they are coming so they might find themselves waiting at the airport for a while.
enough for now, just needed to let you all know i am alive and well and not burned toa crisp just yet

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