what did you do today??

i went for a surf, lazed on a beach (or two) and bought a house!!
remember that dream property that i mentioned a few days ago?????’well today the owner called and accepted my offer.  looks like i will move in before the end of september.
an absolutely perfect place, i cannot describe, but lookout for photos soon, sea view, nearly 700m2 of land, four bedrooms, 2 maybe 3 anexes. my own fig trees and herb garden, 4 bedrooms and did i mention the sea view?????? not even russ and sara have a sea view ( te he heee)
now, my sister would say at this point, ´wayne can fall in shit and still come up smelling of roses’  this is true, the place is worth 50% more than i will pay for it……..it is so perfect, typically portuguese, everything i ever wanted and probably more too.
ben paid 80.000 for a plot of land half this size, what an absolute bargain………OH MY GOD
it finally happened, only took ten months but this place is worth the wait!
ok, so by now i am a little drunk sostruggling to type well.  tomorrow igo back to work.
next weekend my latina beauty will be here for a week then my faggot friend from cornwall will come, closelyfollowed by two emmetts from rugby, than a week later christine arrves
gonna be a busy month
gotta go, i fancy a burger now
call me if you want to know more
+351 91 476 3209

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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