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Show me the way

Oh man, i am so tired!
the heat is a killer and add to that the itinerary……….we have hopped along every city along the french coast from St Tropez to Monaco then dropped down to Portofino again on the Riviera.  I am completely shattered.
We have another week of manic activity to go.  The yard is calling soon and hopefully by the end of next month, we will be securely tied to the dock getting ready to haul out.  Even then – i will be facing a 6 week period of flat out work.
It has been a gruelling schedule since April when we left Palma – we have covered the equivalent of 4 atlantic crossings already and we still have 1 more to do before the end of the year.  AFter that, hopefully we will be rested a little as the boss will have to fly a lot further to get to his boat.  That means Caribbean diving again and hopefully completing a dive master ticket while i am there – the next sequence in my plan.
Of course, we could always go east instead.  there is talk of the maldives, Vietnam, Asia etc etc but until we get there – we never know where we are going, which at first was terribly exciting but now is beginning to wear a little thin.
enough for now
authors footnote – i will be heading back to blighty for almost a week in october.  my new surfboard will be ready – the 40th anniversary edition, and my mother has also reached the pensionable heights of 70 years old.  arriving on 21st, leaving on 27th…………….07833 787 117

Palma bomb forecast- 9226nm

Made it back to my second home.  Seems i have missed some news too – three more bombs yesterday.  word on the street is that tomorrow there will be yet another!
So, what have you been doing all summer?
On the trip back into the med, we actually saw a whale.  the big beauty was sleeping on the surface when the skipper spotted it so we slowed down and drifted alongside it, maybe 50 feet away.  As we prepared to get in and swim with it, it woke up and made it’s dive to freedom.  I managed to get one picture off, just as its tail was in the air and it went down for cover.
We also ran into the biggest pod of dolphins i have ever seen.  they were all around us.  8 abrest at the bow and flanked on both sides by others as they played and jumped in our wake.
I have added a few photos for your viewing pleasure.
Back in the Med, things are hotting up.  we are preparing for the bosses last few trips before we hit the yard again.  We have already covered enough miles since april to have crossed the atlantic 3 times or more and come november we might just do it for real too.
To celebrate my 4th decade on this planet, i have also ordered a new surfboard.  details are winging their way to Davy in St Agnes and hopefully it should be ready for me to collect within a month or so.  I may just head back to the UK in october to celebrate my birthday so keep checking in for details.
Thats all for now – stop by and say hello soon.

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