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Real crusty

I just filled my car up with diesel.  Ok , so it may have been 10 months since i last put fuel in but man, 85€ for a tank of diesel!!!!! i am sure it was only 70€ last time!
Now, i though that was bad, but as i walked back to my car from the Kiosk, i noticed a very flash Mercedes ML at the pumps.  I laughed my ass off when i saw the 6.3 litre badge on the front wing………….certainly wouldnt want his fuel bill thank you very much.
Having to juggle funds at the moment, my bank in portugal has, for some reason, put a block on my card even though there is more than 20 big ones in there…….very curious.  All will be revealed soon

A proper cornish christening

oh yes – the summer of love has begun.
Cornish style of course.
i let the faggot talk me into a late afternoon surf yesterday at Perranporth.  of course i was reluctant at first, overcast and cold, but he kept talking until i said yes.  What a result.  we hit perran just after 5 pm, the skies were clear and the sun was out.  I waxed up the new board and scrambled down the rocks to the beach.
there was a small and calm wave that would be just perfect for me after a 10 month lay off – and it was perfect.  we surfed for a couple of hours while the tide was on the push and just had fun like we used to 5 years ago before i left blighty.  After the surf, we hit the blue bar in porthtowan and sat on the terrace eating while the sun set with a pint of guiness.  it was just like old times, blissful,peaceful and a perfect finish to the end of the day and the first day of my summer.
Of course, my new board got damaged on the way to Gatwick but to help soften the blows, there was one seriously hot red head hostess on board. I am a complete sucker for red heads, especially if they have freckles and blue eyes, and she had it all.  Her name was Sarah and she was simply stunning.
I felt compelled to leave her my number, i just hope she calls.
so once again in palma.  will be here until monday i guess and then i can head home and start the summer of love in earnest.
be sure to stop by again soon to ee if she calls

Cold in Cornwall



I decided to do things differently .


I sat at the back of a squeezy jet plane , a place I normally avoid due to the screaming kids, but this time, I really pushed my luck and shared a seat with a mother travelling alone with her baby, Freia.  Cute kid and quiet too, not a peep out of her during take off or landing, which I put down to the way her mom dealt with her and kept her entertained throughout, with good old fashioned toys and glove puppets.


Ok the kid was so very cute that I could not resist trying out the squeaky glove puppet and entertaining both her and her mom.


Been a while since I have been in England and I am amazed at how smiley and happy the people are, especially after suffering with a plane full of easyjet  mockney chavs!  My uk Vodafone chip still works after what must be over a year of absence from the country – a very pleasant surprise.


The simple pleasures of a full size double bed and soft soft sheets dragged me into a deep sleep last night, but I still woke up at 06.00 – I guess it will take a couple of days to re-adjust.


Gatwick north terminal is a pretty cool place as far as airports go.  Shops are good, place is clean and bright, although I just had a very surreal moment walking through all of the glitz.


I just bought a new set of phones for the iPod with an extra long lead so that it will reach from the lowest pocket of my baggies.  I was stooped over my bag sorting them out, finally when I stood, I played an old Depeche Mode tune ‘ it’s no good’ . as I stood, I did feel a little light headed but that made the walk through the terminal feel very funky, no outside noise, just music and a busy world rushing about all around me.


Then of course I saw it – that amazing arse!!  I never saw her face, for all I know, she could have been a real BOBFOC (body off Baywatch, face off crimewatch).  I was even prepared not to walk along the conveyor and just stand behind her to watch it but to my surprise, she walked and wiggled all the way to the end, and so did I , but with a very cheeky grin on my face.


It almost made my plane delay a pleasure!! 

The fat lady is warming her vocal chords!!

Finally, the time has come.  at midday today, i officially finished work.  At 6pm tonight local time, i will be boarding my plane back to blighty, heading straight for my executive suite at a hotel near to gatwick.  So let me just recap on my latest adventures.
In september last year, i flew to norway, then took a flight further north into the arctic circle to join the good ship Nariida. We set sail for mallorca the day after i arrived and covered almost 3000 miles by the time we arrived in mallorca.
From there, we sailed onto tenerife and prepared the boat for a transatlantic race to St Maarten.  Lucky for me, i was surplus to requirements for the race and took ten days off in portugal.  After that, i flew to St Maarten to rejoin the boat and a 5 month stay in the caribbean, taking in St Maarten, St Barths, Monserat, Nevis, St Kitts, Antigua, Martinique, British Virgin Islands and a couple of other islands whose names i forget.
At the end of april, we sailed back across the atlantic, stopping in the Açores for fuel before arriving back in mallorca for a three week work period, some 4500 miles later.
Then the final leg.  To the greek islands and the azure blue waters of the ionian, calling at such hotspots as, Kefalonia, Ithica, Zakynthos, Paxos and of course, a couple more i can’t remember.
So tonight, i fly to gatwick, tomorrow an internal flight to newquay and a couple of days in cornwall before heading back to mallorca to get my stuff and then finally home to portugal in about a weeks time.
So be warned – the summer of love is almost upon us.  this year i promise to fully document my adventures, and this year, without censorship!!!!!!!!!
Stand by for action

it aint over till the fat lady sings

and she aint singing yet
but she will be soon
stand  by for more updates soon – the summer of love is almost upon us

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