A proper cornish christening

oh yes – the summer of love has begun.
Cornish style of course.
i let the faggot talk me into a late afternoon surf yesterday at Perranporth.  of course i was reluctant at first, overcast and cold, but he kept talking until i said yes.  What a result.  we hit perran just after 5 pm, the skies were clear and the sun was out.  I waxed up the new board and scrambled down the rocks to the beach.
there was a small and calm wave that would be just perfect for me after a 10 month lay off – and it was perfect.  we surfed for a couple of hours while the tide was on the push and just had fun like we used to 5 years ago before i left blighty.  After the surf, we hit the blue bar in porthtowan and sat on the terrace eating while the sun set with a pint of guiness.  it was just like old times, blissful,peaceful and a perfect finish to the end of the day and the first day of my summer.
Of course, my new board got damaged on the way to Gatwick but to help soften the blows, there was one seriously hot red head hostess on board. I am a complete sucker for red heads, especially if they have freckles and blue eyes, and she had it all.  Her name was Sarah and she was simply stunning.
I felt compelled to leave her my number, i just hope she calls.
so once again in palma.  will be here until monday i guess and then i can head home and start the summer of love in earnest.
be sure to stop by again soon to ee if she calls

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