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change of topic

i realised that i had been talking about surf too much so will change the subject for a while.
started hunting for some properties again, will be looking at one tomorrow hopefully, with the lady that owns it and all of the ownership papers too.
no problem with traffic, there is donkey access only – thats the official line for not having a street wide enough for  a car.
it is very cheap or so i am told, just 7000 euros, maybe tomorrow i will know more.
watch this space
something that has been bugging me recently.  when you use ebay and people wont post overseas – why?  you gotta go to the post office anyway, what difference does it make where you post it to? the cost is met by the buyer!  some people can be so dumb

morning at the beach

hit tonel at 7,30 looking for a surf this morning.  the wave wasnt quite enough to suit up and go in, so i just stood for a while, with the sun on my back and a slight offshore breeze, looking out to sea and watching the small waves hit the sand.
of course, that made me think about all of my chums in the uk and i wondered what you all would be doing at 7,30 am.
i still think i have the better life.
much talk about a fresh swell coming in for the weekend but i try not to listen to all the would be forecasters – the only real way to tell is to go to the beaches yourself.
will check again at lunchtime to see if there is anything woth getting wet for.

no surf today

and no more free accomodation for you holiday makers.
beatrice nailed me yesterday for an extra 50 euros because of the amount of visitors i have had.  electricity and water……….i guess it wasnt too bad, my sister and lindsey came for a week, christine for 8 days, alex for a week, marilia and xana stayed for a weekend so all in all, not too bad.
I now have portuguese childrens books to read as part of my language classes, my pronunciation is not the best and sarah figured this would be a good way to improve.
seems this week has been the week for all suppliers sending the wrong car parts – they dont seem too bothered when they get it wrong – just the portuguese way

i got clobbered

my landlady finally clobbered me today for all of my visitors that had been staying for free – cost me another 50 euros on top of my month srent – bummer, the cost of friendship!!!
went for my language class this evening and afterwards my prefoessora showed me a few properties that are for sale, i have seriously got the itch at the moment, i feel a purchase coming on soon – no doubt it will all be listed here so keep looking.

dear dilema

do i go for a surf at lunchtimes or go for some dinner ?

two blow outs in one week

what is goiing on?

sunny sunday afternoon

spent the day at tonel beach, well the afternoon any way, not much in the way of surf but at least something to ride.

glorious sun all afternoon and water so warm that an hour and a half in the water in just shorts was fine, didnt get cold once.

Last night we hit lagos.  first place we tried was a place called the red eye bar – typical scum dive as you might guess.  lots of pissed aussies and english tarts looking for a fluid exchange – we left there very quickly.

next stop was a typical portuguese place, the bouncers look you up and down to see if you will fit in, they only let good people in, no tourists.  place was amazing and local too. local music and a local attitude to partying.

i left alex there at 3am when i was so tired.  i didnt really sleep at the beach on friday night so i needed to catch up. tonight alex is going to a beach party at Alvor, along the south coast with two of marilias friends , Luis and Xana.

enough for now




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