sunny sunday afternoon

spent the day at tonel beach, well the afternoon any way, not much in the way of surf but at least something to ride.

glorious sun all afternoon and water so warm that an hour and a half in the water in just shorts was fine, didnt get cold once.

Last night we hit lagos.  first place we tried was a place called the red eye bar – typical scum dive as you might guess.  lots of pissed aussies and english tarts looking for a fluid exchange – we left there very quickly.

next stop was a typical portuguese place, the bouncers look you up and down to see if you will fit in, they only let good people in, no tourists.  place was amazing and local too. local music and a local attitude to partying.

i left alex there at 3am when i was so tired.  i didnt really sleep at the beach on friday night so i needed to catch up. tonight alex is going to a beach party at Alvor, along the south coast with two of marilias friends , Luis and Xana.

enough for now




Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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