a new style of surf

so last night we hit Zavial beach at midnight with the beach tent and surfboards.  spent the night under the stars , me , alex and james, 8 bottles of sagres bohemia and a bottle of black label.

what a cool night, i cant believe that i hadnt done this before.  the stars were amazing, no light polution from towns or anything so the sky was full.  the moon was three quarter which meant the beach was well lit.

we left at 7.30 am and headed west for a surf at cordoama before returning to sagres for breakfast on the square at Barbugem.

then, this afternoon we got bored with surfing so took the air bed to tonel. me and alex paddled it out amongst all the other surfers who couldnt really believe what they were seeing.  we finally managed to catch a couple of good ones before getting seriously dumped on the shore break.

Also met with Theresa, a rather sweet spanish chick that works in the bubble – seems i am now learning spanish and portuguese!


tonight we hit Lagos for a night out with the tourists – more tomorrow.


ate amanha

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