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time to travel again

this could be my last entry for a month so please enjoy.
been a busy boy of late, booking flights, hire cars, training and accommodation. finish with the boat in exactly 1 month and will head straight to england to pick up my surf board.  after that, a couple of days back in mallorca before heading home to portugal for my endless summer.
two trips to england planned, a 5 dayer in july for a wedding and then almost a full month in september for training based in southampton – i hope that wont hurt too much, i am not sure if i can manage a whole month in england any more.  make a note of it now, my mobile number for england is +44 7833 787 117.
so, wednesday, we leave for corfu
i cant wait to get home for the summer

A Decade under the influence

It is strange how events can change your life and how you feel about yourself.
It doesnt feel so long ago, such a glorious sunday afternoon, 8 friends, 8 motorbikes and england as our playground.  Spirits were high and all of us were looking forward to our day out.  No-one would have expected 2 accidents in one day.  One – a relatively simple trip into a ditch and the rider walked away, the other, not so, ending with a triple fatality, ironically, so close to home.
Trauma is best avoided whenever possible, although that is not always an option.  Describing the immediate aftermath is hard.  Of course the whole scenario seems unreal at the time.  The carnage at the scene was violent, an impact of real life, not hollywood.  Three lives taken in an instant.
The real trauma was only just beginning for others.  Watching others deal with the loss was not something i can not even begin to describe, even with an extensive vocabulary.  To say their world was torn apart would be a mellow-dramatic understatement.  Watching how they changed over the following years is beyond description.
Looking back on this time, i can agree now that it was a moment that began a change in the way i viewed what is important in life.  At that time, i was on a heady corporate climb, bouncing from sucess to sucess.  After this event, i began questioning all of my values.
More would follow
In the following five years, three more friends would dissappear.  Two, also claimed by road accidents, both stunningly beautiful girls, both not 25 years old.  Then, the hardest telephone call ever.  Silence on both ends of a telephone line as i heard the words ‘ I have cancer ‘ .  The only response i could muster was to honestly tell them ‘ I don’t know what to say ‘ .  He died not two weeks later.
Questioning your values in life helps you on your own journey.  Having past experiences helps you along the way when you are getting a little lost with your own direction.
Many people say it, i wonder how many of those people realise exactly what they are saying – life is short!  Enjoy it while you can.
I have to thank Ryan, Debbie, Princess Kirsty and Graham for showing me a different way.  If they were all alive today, i dont know how much contact i would still have with them.  There is no doubt in my mind that i owe them greatly for enlightening me into the way of life that i now enjoy so fully.  Would i give it up to have just one of them still alive – of course yes – in an instant.
Collectively, they all taught me something.  They taught me to say ‘ fuck it ‘ when things are shit and i want more out of life.  Collectively, they give me the courage and inspiration to continually move on, try new things and to know just how lucky i am to be alive.

Irony – best left to the foreigners

Sometimes in life – you have no idea what to do, other times – you have no idea what you are doing.
The free BMW has of course now been won – the 20,000 visitor to my site was infact………………oh, wait a minute, and this is what i call complete irony, the winners name cannot be disclosed because they have asked me to remove all mention of their name from my pages so……..mystery person……….please leave your name and address on the page and i will arrange delivery and ownership papers for you!  Now, extreme irony is that the 20,000th hit was infact that person doing searches for their name!!
Irony – can just about bite you on the ass when you least expect it….
So on a lighter note – i quit my job on the boat.  i have also had some good news from the MCA (maritime & coastguard agency) which means i can apply sooner rather than later for the Y4 exam.  on the down side, they also confirmed all of the courses i need to do, so instead of spending a grand, i now have to spend 4 !!
I will begin looking for a new boat in september, either to go back to the caribbean again , and while i am there i can take my next dive ticket, or i will look for a refit for the winter here in palma – not really bothered which but i will need to save another 20 grand to pay for my exams.  After they are complete, i can expect a payrise of between 50 and 100% so you can see, it is worth investing.

Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy

I often wonder where my inspiration went.
i can promise though that it will be back soon , just as soon as i get home to portugal.
went out on the sniff last night in palma.  It can be a funny place.  Hogans, the irish bar, is a real meat market – i have to say , i really didnt enjoy it last night. the same band, playing the same tunes gets boring after a while
A big cheer though for the dude on the balcony with the Bernard Matthews beard – full and fluffy.  and he really got the funk when the band played michael jackson.  I reckon he was infact Mason’s long lost brother.
Bumped into a couple of chicas last night that i first met a year ago.  You may remembr me talking about a dilema of the 18 year old from ecuador.  How much people can change inside a year.  Last time i saw her, she was an innocent non smoker , non drinker and very sexy to look at.  Now, still sexy but with cigarrette and pint in her hand.  I , of course have always found girls that drink pints , very attractive, as i have girls with black tights, but it was a big change none the less.
So stand by for a summer of fun, surf and rabid blogging.  it wil be one to read all year long.  Will promise to pull no punches this time and give all details, however unappropriate
spread the work – the naked surfer is back!!

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