Irony – best left to the foreigners

Sometimes in life – you have no idea what to do, other times – you have no idea what you are doing.
The free BMW has of course now been won – the 20,000 visitor to my site was infact………………oh, wait a minute, and this is what i call complete irony, the winners name cannot be disclosed because they have asked me to remove all mention of their name from my pages so……..mystery person……….please leave your name and address on the page and i will arrange delivery and ownership papers for you!  Now, extreme irony is that the 20,000th hit was infact that person doing searches for their name!!
Irony – can just about bite you on the ass when you least expect it….
So on a lighter note – i quit my job on the boat.  i have also had some good news from the MCA (maritime & coastguard agency) which means i can apply sooner rather than later for the Y4 exam.  on the down side, they also confirmed all of the courses i need to do, so instead of spending a grand, i now have to spend 4 !!
I will begin looking for a new boat in september, either to go back to the caribbean again , and while i am there i can take my next dive ticket, or i will look for a refit for the winter here in palma – not really bothered which but i will need to save another 20 grand to pay for my exams.  After they are complete, i can expect a payrise of between 50 and 100% so you can see, it is worth investing.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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