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shite weather

is only going to manage a crap 17 degrees tomorrow !!!!
how will i survive

holidays are coming

ok, maybe not for you but for me.
thursday is a bank holiday so will be heading for the beach and looking for surf, failing that , some work on the old house is in order

hell hath no fury – the final chapter

ok, so today i opened my email and was surprised to see what i guess will be the last e mail from sandra.
I know you don´t like my email´s… but I don´t have more your number to send a sms , text messag., asking if you send me or not my charger , I will pay everthing , for banking transference
send me your number (account number NIB)



Dont worry, i will send it the next time i am at the post office, as i always intended to.  I have kept your address details to mail it to.  I may be a sheet imigrant and have no education, a lousy father that does not deserve your beaches, but i do have my honour and integrity.  you will see your charger soon, along with your earrings and ring.

a cat story

Meli, is back, all in one piece and better for his ordeal.  still managed to wake me up at four this morning though

bloody rain

ok ok, a few months ago i was gagging to see some rain, most of the country was on fire and there was no water to be seen.
then it rained.  and boy does it rain here.  but it doesnt seem to want to stop. i am getting bored with rain now. flash floods, roads washed away, murky sea water from the water off the hills.
still, it could be worse, i could be in england (white sheet imigrant) freezing my titties off, moaning about the cost of living and worrying about all of the speed cameras.
i guess i will stay here for now, summer will be here before your snow has melted
keep warm

this weekend surf

curiously , i managed two days at zavial, everywhere else was so messy.
spent two and a half hours in yesterday afternoon and another two hours in today.  still not cold but will be getting there soon, still a big contrast to what is happening in the uk.  i am still surfing in a 3/2 and not feeling the cold.
tried the 9.1 but still struggling with that, switched to the 8.6 and had a ball yesterday afternoon, with kati at zavial.  it wasnt big it wasnt perfect but it was still fun
today i watched some tossers getting ready to surf.  Zavial was the only place working today so you get all the wankers in one place.
they come to the beach in their flash cars, expensive wet suits and boards, do a yoga warm up for 20 minutes on the beach then when thet get in the water, they flap around like a plastic bag, no skill at all.  always leaves me wondering why they went through the rigmorole of preparation in the first place…..easy really, too many fashionable twats buying surf gear.  still, it does make me laugh watching them constantly caught on the inside getting mashed, and their faces are a real picture as you surf straight at them!
next surf check will be tuesday lunchtime, so tune in again for more news.  everyone is talking about more storms so maybe wont make it , but we will see.

a cat story

didnt manage to keep them for too long.  let the tom out on saturday morning and he hasnt yet come back.  even tried his old house but not there either.
so i get the old one all to my self, all it does is shit in its litter tray and sleep!  perfect

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