hell hath no fury – the final chapter

ok, so today i opened my email and was surprised to see what i guess will be the last e mail from sandra.
I know you don´t like my email´s… but I don´t have more your number to send a sms , text messag., asking if you send me or not my charger , I will pay everthing , for banking transference
send me your number (account number NIB)



Dont worry, i will send it the next time i am at the post office, as i always intended to.  I have kept your address details to mail it to.  I may be a sheet imigrant and have no education, a lousy father that does not deserve your beaches, but i do have my honour and integrity.  you will see your charger soon, along with your earrings and ring.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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