The Statement

Way back in 2004 I decided that the hallowed turf called England was for me no more – a new adventure was required. I sold the contents of my house on Ebay, sold the house with a local agent and proceeded to fill my car with everything else I needed for the trip and to survive the immediate future and drove away from Rugby in search of something new in an old Vauxhall Carlton that I paid £280 for.

That was way back in October 2004, over 10 years ago.  I wanted to tell people about my new adventures and began a blog in early 2005, writing entries whenever I felt compelled or inspired.

The November Archives.

If you want to look through the old blog entries just click on the button above this page ‘Home’ you will find it right next to the button for ‘the statement’. Better still, register your email and get notifications straight to your mail box when the site is updated or commented on in any way.  As a bonus, if you are subscribed, you can comment directly on the blog without the need for me to approve your comments first.

After a decade away, I am beginning to get that itch again, a new adventure is not too far away, I can feel it, so subscribe now and miss nothing!

Adventure is just around the corner !

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