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Lets get it on !!!

The day of reckoning is here!  As you read this, i will be pumping 16,000 litres of diesel into the boat.  That should get us to the Açores where we can fill up again and head for Gibraltar.
On saturday, we leave.  I guess around three weeks at sea before we hit land again in the south of france.  Much has been happening, today i took my first students as a dive master.  In two months time, my blog page will have been alive for 5 years.  I am still trying to get to 30,000 hits to celebrate this fact.  I have of course quit my job in favour of a summer of love with surfboards and scuba gear in the place i call home.
So there will be a three week gap before i write again but then you have got used to that over the last year or so.  Things will change.  I am anticipating a few months of great inspiration, excellent photos and nipple erecting entries into the blog.  Stand firm, believe in the cause – the wayne that you know and maybe even love, will be bouncing back with a vengance sometime soon.
For now, i have left you with 33 very thought inspiring photos.  If you need translations for them, please ask.  I recommend you click on them to view them in full page, and make them go nice and slow.  Take your time, look hard & think harder.

Christine Thornton

Sometimes inspriation arrives in the most unusual form.
Last night, at around 11pm, my phone rang.  Of course i answered it when i saw her name on the phone and was instantly greeted by that four letter word that starts with C , ends with T, and not many girls like to say.
After a barrage of C’s we finally settled into a conversation – albeit she was pissed and i was sober but we talked anyway.  It must have been getting on for 4am when she finally hung up, only after i reminded her that she was effectively calling america, mobile to mobile.  Even in the early hours of sunday morning, that must have cost her 50 quid ( i have to say quid because i dont have a pound sign on my keyboard only €)
One of her reasons for calling, apart from calling me a C*** was to get the address for this page, so i thought i better update it and tell you all what is happening.
Have been in the caribbean now since December.  I know that sounds highly exotic but it does get boring after a while.  To help combat boredom, the caribbean has several offerings to amuse you – there are endless lines of cocaine, forests of smoking herb, Bars to drink yourself into oblivion and handfulls of coke’d up pissed yachtie girls that are more than welcoming for anyone slinging a sausage.
Thankfully, for me – none of that is really my scene so i embarked on my next scuba qualification instead.  To date , i have managed an additional 50 scuba dives in the last 3 months which is not bad.  I also managed to bag my divemaster certification which leaves me just 1 step away from being a fully qualified, work anywhere in the world, dive instructor.  So i am quite chuffed about that.
I am also quite chuffed at the fact that on thursday next week, we will leave the caribbean behind, cross the atlantic again and head to europe.  South of France is our final destination but likely to call at the Açores and Gibraltar along the way.
In addition to that, i also quit my job on the boat.  Things got to the point where it was abundantly clear that i will not get to take my holidays again this year.  Last year was fairly manic.  I took just 8 days off all year and at the end of the year the boat paid me more than a months salary extra for holidays not taken.  It was suggested that this wouldnt happen again this year and i agreed but due to lack of clarity from the boss about how he wants to use his boat, i can never get time off approved.  So i made the bold decision that it was time to leave.  I have a three month notice period to run, only being cut short if they find a suitable candidate before that deadline, so latest for me is mid june i will be free.
Of course, I have already saved enough to rebuild that old farm house in portugal but i also fully intend to take a little time out, maybe spend some time at home surfing before the crowds appear, could even consider working at the dive centre in sagres before flying to the virgin islands at the end of the season to take my instructor ticket.
And also at the same time, keeping one eye open for something new work wise.
So dare i say it – it could be another summer of love – hot sun, cool waves, underwater excursions – life is looking good.
So thats about me in a nutshell.  I am about to check my cameras for some random photos and will upload them shortly – including the foot long poo that i took the other day – it was a monster, so good infact that i got up , got my camera and grabbed a few shots of it.  It was as long as my size 12’s
Choose Life

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