Lets get it on !!!

The day of reckoning is here!  As you read this, i will be pumping 16,000 litres of diesel into the boat.  That should get us to the Açores where we can fill up again and head for Gibraltar.
On saturday, we leave.  I guess around three weeks at sea before we hit land again in the south of france.  Much has been happening, today i took my first students as a dive master.  In two months time, my blog page will have been alive for 5 years.  I am still trying to get to 30,000 hits to celebrate this fact.  I have of course quit my job in favour of a summer of love with surfboards and scuba gear in the place i call home.
So there will be a three week gap before i write again but then you have got used to that over the last year or so.  Things will change.  I am anticipating a few months of great inspiration, excellent photos and nipple erecting entries into the blog.  Stand firm, believe in the cause – the wayne that you know and maybe even love, will be bouncing back with a vengance sometime soon.
For now, i have left you with 33 very thought inspiring photos.  If you need translations for them, please ask.  I recommend you click on them to view them in full page, and make them go nice and slow.  Take your time, look hard & think harder.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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