European Time

You may be glad to learn that now, i am officially back on european time.  We arrived in the Açores yesterday morning at 6am and will be leaving again this evening at 6pm.  No coincidence there, just a gap in the weather.  There is even talk of stopping at Portimão to take shelter from a storm that is raging in the straights of Gibraltar.
So, currently on BST – 1 hour ( an hour behind england for the dumb asses) but soon will pass the rose line and start heading forward in time zones before finishing up in La Ciotat in the south of france.  All being well, should hit that location around 15th April but the weather is king on this leg of the journey.
Crossings can be dull at the best of times, especially when you are working your notice.  9 days straight in a confined space looking at the same scenery can be a soul searching deal sometimes.  there is just no space to be who you want to be.  On the other hand, it can also provide you with some very beautiful moments, usually linked to music while you are at the helm, and the sun is out, rising or setting.  Most ironically, it was an old skool tune that brought the biggest smile to my face this trip.  the old ravers amongst you will remember a tune called ‘waterfall’ by atlantic ocean from way back in the day.  I sat in the crew mess sorting out my itunes and looking out of the port hole when it hit me fully sideways.  Ah the irony !!!!!
So we will be leaving the Açores in around 6 hours time and heading south.  Officially now, i am on my portuguese phone number.  If you dont have that, oh dear!!
I would like to hugely thank debbie miller for posting a video of me on FB and tagging me.  a short shot of me getting changed after a surf somewhere in cornwall circa 2005, prudently filmed by a cameraman filming a wedding at the hotel on the hill.  Not quite full frontal nudity but enough for my bits to be obscured by some well placed obscurity – if you want to see it, take a look at my fb profile and see the video section (i cant believe i just plugged FB)
Enough for now, more soon

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