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Searching for inspiration

I just looked how long its been since i last posted. Almost a month has passed.
Dont let that worry you though – i am still alive and kicking although i have hit one of those famous ‘gotta get away’ modes tonight, so i have a little trip planned for tomorrow.
07.30 start – taxi to the north west of the island where there is currently 2 metres of swell.  Should be in the water for 8am and if all goes well, the 9’6” will be rocketing down the face of a volcanic reef.  This of course, does worry me somewhat.  Reef break surfing is not advised under any of the following circumstances . . .
1.  you have a new board that you have never ridden
2. you havent surfed in over a year
3. you are over 40
So, lets see how the odds are in my favour – 1. brand new board, not even waxed. 2. sadly, been over a year. 3. almost 40 and a half !!
Looks like i may be in deep shit then.  Either way – i have to go, i am comfortably at my ‘ had enough’ point and need the solitude that only escape can bring.  I did toy with the idea of beach camping tonight but some of the locals have a very bad habit of murdering people, so i decided for an early start instead.
Galley bay is my spot for the morning.  I would imagine that after an hour or maybe two, i will be knackered.  i may rest slightly at the beach bar but then i am off to Jolly harbour to get on the scuba boat.  I almost forgot – i closed on the final exam in my divemaster today so i am now qualified !!
I am also over familiar with the local dive sites so wanted to go further afield and see what is about.  Jolly harbour is sheltered by a huge offshore reef so we may have some rather fantastic sights to see.
I did get face to face with a small shark the other week – strangely, it wasn’t as scary as when a huge lobster came out of his cave as i was swimming over the top of him.
I will of course be taking my camera – i am fully aware that i have yet to show the world my new board – would like to get a photo before i cover it with wax.
I think thats all for now – stop by again soon, i may have written an inspired masterpiece – like the old stuff i used to write when life was simple and uncomplicated.
I miss home

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