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Guetta is coming!

Did you ever watch the A Team when you were a kid? Remember when howlin mad murdoch used to say ‘Dekker is coming’? well, thats how you have to say the title line……..Guetta is coming – to Puerto Rico…..aye aye aye aye yae! Got tickets for this coming saturday although i am not expecting much. see, normally, when you go to a gig (check me out – trendy or w



what a load of tosh – i typed loads, published it and all it posted is all you can see above, the rest gone forever and i can’t be arsed to do it all again – bollocks

Puerto Rico

Oh man !

I was right to be excited about coming here – this place is amazing. Blazing sun, crisp clear waters and very friendly locals.

We docked on Friday afternoon and as soon as we had cleared customs we were off – remember, we worked christmas day, boxing day and new years day so it was time for some overdue play time.

Friday night was easy – off to a local restaurant in Fajardo – immense! the sound of tree frogs singing all night long while we ate under a Gazebo in the garden.

Saturday, we rented a car and coast hopped along the north east coastline checking out the beaches and hang outs all the way up to San Juan, finally finding a place in the city where they had 4 poster beds on the beach – bliss!

On saturday night, instead of turning right and heading in the same direction, i decided to turn left and see what we could find.  I never would have believed how good a choice this would have been.  We hit a small village called somethng i forget. When we got there, it is fair to say we were all a little worried.  the streets were brimming with people, loud music and police with lights and sirens everywhere. Group decision and we decided to take the risk and stop.

The local village was having a beer marathon, a 24 hour extravaganza of beer, food and live music.  Our initial fears were swept away very quickly when the locals almost embraced us and encouraged us to join them in their party – it was completely mental – think nottinghill but latin and friendlier.  You coudn’t do this kind of thing in england – there would always be some pissed up twat that wanted to fight everyone. Even here – the english have a reputation of being hard drinkers.

We left at midnight, happy, content and exhausted.

Today was a shopping trip in San Juan, the capital. A huge shopping centre with over 300 stores all under one roof.  I was of course well chuffed in finding clothes that i actually liked and they fitted – better still, they met my tight arse budget – 4 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of shorts, 4 T shirts and 2 leather belts all for a little over 200 dollars – that little lot will last me for the next couple of years without a doubt.

Tomorrow its back to work – for the week anyway, next weekend i will be off again and hunt for some surf, this time i think all alone.  I may even risk some beach camping overnight.

Did i mention the Homeland Security guys that came on board to clear us in when we arrived?  Nice as pie, thats twice now – although they did tell me that i should get a new US visa – the current one was damaged by a leaking air con unit.  i have fixed the unit, now i need to fix the visa

life is good

Department of Homeland Security

Two entries in one day – Aren’t you the lucky ones.

I want to tell you about this, purely because i have heard so much bad stuff about these guys having a stinking attitude and being aggressive.  Two weeks ago on our way up to Turks and Caicos, we ventured into Puerto Rico’s territorial waters.  Nothing sinister – we were just passing by.

A local police boat picked us up and made us stop – telling us to wait for the customs – which of course we did.  Over the horizon, i noticed a very fast boat hammering towards us.  As they drew alongside, i noticed something that made my heart sink. A big sticker on the side of the boat ‘Department of Homeland Security’ – oh fuck!  I was convinced we were going to get a rough time, beaten sensless or even arse raped !

Then 2 more boats turned up – they were certainly mob handed and well armed. One of the crew members dared me to give a chorus of ‘America – Fuck Yeah’ but i figured if i did that, we could be stuck here for a few days.

Anyway – enough waffle.  They boarded us and what a pleasant bunch of chaps they were too – no hard arse, fuck you attitude, just doing their business with some pleasant banter thrown in – I am actually glad they came on board because they have completely shattered a misconception that modern media portrays of them.  In fact, now i want to go to America too !!!  Fuck Yeah !

God bless america !

Now, on a lighter note – we are heading back to Puerto rico this afternoon for a months lay over – does that make you jealous? I have always wanted to go there.  I do wonder though, if we encounter the DHS again, will they be as amicable ? – I am sure they will

Mac versus PC – Round 6, A change of shirt.

Thankfully, i get to change my shirt today.  The old Team Gates was beginning to stink a bit.

Today it is firmly ‘Team Jobs’

Couldn’t access my email account on the pc, either with IE8 or Chrome, switched to the Mac, pulled my mail through to my collective email box and hey presto – email everywhere.  Thats a big thumbs up today for the Jobs crew.

I would like to wave a cautionary finger at them too though.  Free trial of mobileme?  put your credit card in first and get two months free.  At the end of 2 months, it automatically bills your card unless you cancel – should really be the other way around, suspend your account at the end of free trial and give you the option then to buy in – i was only after a email address anyway

Anyway – for now NICE WORK TEAM JOBS!

(p.s. i like the silky smooth key strokes on my mac – not really a dig at gates as he doesn’t make his own)

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