Mac versus PC – Round 6, A change of shirt.

Thankfully, i get to change my shirt today.  The old Team Gates was beginning to stink a bit.

Today it is firmly ‘Team Jobs’

Couldn’t access my email account on the pc, either with IE8 or Chrome, switched to the Mac, pulled my mail through to my collective email box and hey presto – email everywhere.  Thats a big thumbs up today for the Jobs crew.

I would like to wave a cautionary finger at them too though.  Free trial of mobileme?  put your credit card in first and get two months free.  At the end of 2 months, it automatically bills your card unless you cancel – should really be the other way around, suspend your account at the end of free trial and give you the option then to buy in – i was only after a email address anyway

Anyway – for now NICE WORK TEAM JOBS!

(p.s. i like the silky smooth key strokes on my mac – not really a dig at gates as he doesn’t make his own)

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