Department of Homeland Security

Two entries in one day – Aren’t you the lucky ones.

I want to tell you about this, purely because i have heard so much bad stuff about these guys having a stinking attitude and being aggressive.  Two weeks ago on our way up to Turks and Caicos, we ventured into Puerto Rico’s territorial waters.  Nothing sinister – we were just passing by.

A local police boat picked us up and made us stop – telling us to wait for the customs – which of course we did.  Over the horizon, i noticed a very fast boat hammering towards us.  As they drew alongside, i noticed something that made my heart sink. A big sticker on the side of the boat ‘Department of Homeland Security’ – oh fuck!  I was convinced we were going to get a rough time, beaten sensless or even arse raped !

Then 2 more boats turned up – they were certainly mob handed and well armed. One of the crew members dared me to give a chorus of ‘America – Fuck Yeah’ but i figured if i did that, we could be stuck here for a few days.

Anyway – enough waffle.  They boarded us and what a pleasant bunch of chaps they were too – no hard arse, fuck you attitude, just doing their business with some pleasant banter thrown in – I am actually glad they came on board because they have completely shattered a misconception that modern media portrays of them.  In fact, now i want to go to America too !!!  Fuck Yeah !

God bless america !

Now, on a lighter note – we are heading back to Puerto rico this afternoon for a months lay over – does that make you jealous? I have always wanted to go there.  I do wonder though, if we encounter the DHS again, will they be as amicable ? – I am sure they will

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