life choices……..

so tonight , i sit here a little bewildered.
i had a top secret mission planned for xmas, back to the uk.  tickets bought for xmas eve, only three people in the uk knew of my intentions and i trust them with my life.  land at east midlands, hotel for the night, then on xmas day, go to the house where all of my family would be, knock on the door as they are about to sit for lunch and surprise them, with my new girlfriend (now ex) in tow.
then on boxing day, i wanted to meet up with jake and hoped to meet his new girlfriend.
but my plans are foiled
sadly, people found out what my plans were, and to add to that, my family were not all in one place on xmas day so it seems the trip home would be pointless apart from meeting with jake and georgie.
the flights are booked and paid for, flying back to portugal with alex from exeter, which also poses a problem of getting down there, especially if the weather is bad.
fuck all of that.
today i went for a run, ran to vila and back tonight, havent ran in a while, and i had forgotten how good it feels, was glad to be back on the road even if it was only 4 or 5 clicks,
been reading a book too which gave reference to people not being as sharp as they used to be, which also got me thinking……i could be in better shape than i am so get on with it.
havent surfed for two weeks now, will sort that one out too tomorrow after i have taken christine back to the airport.
will have an eveining with my favourite ´dirty germany girls´tomorrow before hitting the bubble at 11 to see the live music, a punk rock band that are playing their first gig ever.
ate breve

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